Day 24 – Challenge

Heyyyyyy people,
Yesterday, I gave you some beautiful pictures of five handsome, sexy, talented…(I need not say more)….male celebrities…Today, I’m supposed to write about my favourite movie…Well, I have two favourite movies…Like they are my favourite movies of all time…They never get old for me and I watch them over and over I’m just going to talk about them a little bit…
The first movie is:

This movie was my childhood men…..I love it for daysss…I have watched this movie like up to a thousand times….literally…It is so good….I mean who didn’t watch sound of music as a child….This movie is like timeless…Julie Andrews…Oh my God…I will forever love her for this movie…and it is soo old..yet it just manages to catch my attention every time….and the songs in it are just….Men..if you haven’t watched sound of music, you are missing out big time….Pls grab your copy..NOW!

The second movie is:

My dad introduced me to this movie because at some point, he really loved J-lo movies like big time….So daddy came home one night with this CD like when I was like 6/7 years old…and he is like ‘you should watch this movie…..Jennifer Lopez is in it…’ Wasn’t completely sure who J-lo was and like when your dad recommends a movie for you to watch, you might be a bit scared that the movie might bore you out of your mind…..but boy was I wrong….I fell in love with this movie….I fell in love with J-lo…I fell in love with everything that this movie had to offer….I watched this movie so much until the cd started cracking….Maid in Manhattan is so goooooodddd….I mean…it is amazing….and I just love it….

So we are done, my two favourite movies…Glad I could share…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 23 – Challenge

Yesterday, I gave you guys an insight into my life in the last two years and how I think i have changed…well, moving on to something less depressing, I am going to give you pictures of five male celebrities that I find I have been waiting for this particular day to show you these Greek gods…Oh…la…la…they make my heart beat faster…I will start from no.5 to no.1..Anyway, enjoy!
So, my no.5 most attractive male celebrity is an actor. He is my guilty pleasure. Some people might find him attractive, others might not. I am one of those that find him incredibly sexy. I think he is just amazing. Anyway without much ado, he is…..

Say what you wanna say, Rob Pattinson is a sexy man. From the first time I saw his face, I was attracted. He is just beautiful and for some reason, I find his facial hair incredibly sexy. Kristen Stewart is so lucky.

Okay, so the next guy I’m about to mention is also an actor. He has been in the business for a long time now…I mean, everyone knows him. One of the movies he did when he was younger sold a lot…and I found him attractive then and I find him attractive now…I just think he ages beautifully…He just grows sexier with age…and he is…..

Leonardo Dicaprio…Some of you might agree with me that this guy is fine…..I love him…I love his movies…I mean one of the reasons why I read 50 shades of Grey was because I heard that he was going to be Christian Grey in the movie version…unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore..Oh well!

The next guy is sexxyyy….I don’t even think any one will even disagree with this one..I fell in love with this guy in one movie he acted about 3 years ago..the movie was amazing and he was acting with one of my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock..I think I might have given him away already…but for those of you that do not know who it is..he is…

Uhh, Ryan Reynolds is just one fine ass man….In the movie ‘The proposal’, he just won my heart and he was so awesome…and he was Sooo hotttt! He is so……I’ll leave it at that…

Now, I’m supposed to give you my number 2 but I can’t decide between these two because they are just talented, sexy, handsome…in fact they are the whole package…so they are tying for number 1…I’ll start with the first one…
He is an actor..(hmm seems like I have a thing for actors)….Anyway…he is just sexy, fine, his eyes are just reaching into your soul….like you can just drown in them…In fact this picture I’m about to put of him still doesn’t do him any justice but anyway…here he is…..

Pls can the house say a big ‘Amen’…whoooo…..Michael Ealy, you just get my blood hot…I just love you…I would kiss Michael Ealy in a heart beat…
Anyway, my other number one is a musician…if you know me very well and from what I have even said on this blog, you might guess who it is…He lights up my soul…I said I’ll kiss Michael Ealy in a heartbeat…well I will marry this guy in a heartbeat….I will gladly be his wife for this life and the one after it..Anyway, let me waste no more time, he is….

Bruno Mars, where have you been all my life? Why can’t you just ask me to marry you? I love Bruno Mars…I find him sexy…I find him attractive….Say what you wanna….this guy is just really really sexy to me in my own opinion…I love him…

So guys, these are my 5 sexy male celebrities….This is my own opinion and all….and you all have to admit…they are not bad…Anyway I love them..

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 22 – Challenge

Hi everyone,
Yesterday, I spoke about one of my favourite shows..Today, I’m going to talk about how I have changed in the last two years. It’s 2013. So basically, I’m going to be talking about how I have changed between 2011 and now.
Two years is a long time. Two years is approximately 730 days, 104 weeks, 17520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes and 63,072,200 seconds. Whew! Even you have to agree that that is a mouthful. A second alone can change less of TWO YEARS! I have definitely changed. To explain further, I’ll give a review of how these years have been.
Twenty eleven: I wont lie, twenty eleven was a roller coaster ride. I mean, I went through a lot of emotions in that year. I was in SS3 that year and it was a long journey. I enjoyed the feeling of falling in love and I suffered the feelings of break ups. I had loads of exams that year that wasn’t what you would call ‘easy’. Apart from that, school life was getting very complicated. As graduation was getting closer, it turned out that everyone wanted to pour out feelings that they had been harbouring in their hearts for the last six years. This led to my whole set getting into trouble with the school management. We were on the verge of expulsion. Luckily, our parents never found out. We all eventually graduated. It was a bitter-sweet moment. It was sweet because we were moving forward in our lives and it was bitter because we had lived with each other for six years. There had been tears, laughter and all sorts of emotions. I started a new relationship. I was so in love. Came to England to start my A levels and I met new people. Needless to say, twenty eleven was a crazy year.
Twenty twelve: This year was the year I would call tough because nothing really good stood out. I mean I broke up with two people that year. I broke up with my boyfriend and I broke up with someone I never even dated. Not that we broke up but things just changed. I don’t know who changed between us; whether it was me or him. He had always been there. He had been there through my last relationship and then eventually I fell for him. We never dated but after a while, things changed. I won’t go into that too much. A level exams came. I didn’t do well. I felt really terrible and really bad. I was depressed. In fact, I was a wreck. Like I said in one of my posts ‘You can never be too young to suffer from a break up’. The only good thing I got out of this year was getting closer to people who really helped me through it and all. Twenty twelve was messed up.
NOW!: I can honestly tell you that I’m not who I was before. All those things I went through really taught me something and made me see things differently. Two years ago, I was just a naive little girl learning the feeling of love and didn’t mind who or where I got it from. Now, it’s like I am afraid of commitment. I mean, I say all the time that I want a boyfriend. Truth is, yh I wouldn’t mind having one but when I start liking somebody and the person maybe starts getting close or someone starts liking me, it’s like my heart closes. I like see it all wrong. I have started learning to control my feelings and emotions around others because the truth is that it is not always about me. Even deep down, I know that I have changed. I can’t start going through all the specifics or details but i can tell you that the Dolly of twenty eleven isn’t the same Dolly now.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Let me go!

Don’t tell me what to do!
I don’t belong to you
Don’t tell me what to wear, what to eat
Where to go, who to be friends with
Who do you think you are?
I am not your slave
I am not just a trophy for you to show off to your friends..
You can’t control me
I stay in bed wearing lingerie
Waiting for you to come home
And what do you do?
You go out and mess around…

Don’t touch me!
I am not some foot mat that you can step on
I am not a punching bag that you can hit
I am not a doll!
I am a human being with feelings
I have a heart
You touch me and I am left with the red
I try to scream but I can’t because I have lost the strength to..
Why don’t you just let me go?…

Day 21 – Challenge

Heyyy everyone,
Sooo yesterday, I wrote about education and how important I felt it really was…Well, today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite shows…
Soo, I watch a lot of shows…well…not a lot but quite a number and I love all of them…I mean, I won’t keep watching them if I didn’t…but there is one that really stands out for me and this show is…..*drumroll*…

White Collar is an amazing show. I started watching it out of boredom. I had no idea what it was about. I didn’t even know what genre it fell under. All I know is, the minute I started watching it, I fell in love. It is so good and I love crime and mystery stuff and so white collar does it for me. The characters are amazing. I mean Matt Bomer? That guy plays an excellent Neal Caffery…I mean, he is a fine ass man….Too bad, he ain’t available to us ladies…Tim Dekay is an amazing Peter Burke..I mean, he is so smart and funny at the same time…and the relationship with his wife, Elizabeth Burke played by Tiffani Thiessen is so wonderful…I mean, I wouldn’t mind a marriage like that. They trust, adore and love each other so much. In fact,the trust Elizabeth has in her man is highly admirable. Jones and Diana are also wonderful FBI characters. I mean, I adore them. White collar would not be complete without mentioning Mozzie played by Willie Garson…I mean…they couldn’t have chosen anyone better….I adore him…He is so funny and he makes the show worth looking forward to if I’m making any sense…
Anyway white collar is an amazing show. I salute the producers for creating such a wonderful show. I am still on the third season of it while everyone is on like the fourth season but I’m just taking my time, you know. Anyway, the show is wonderful, I think everyone should watch least try it…It’s too good….especially if you love crime and mystery.
Thanks for reading guys.
Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 20 – Challenge

Hi guys,
Yesterday, I spoke about disrespecting parents…Today, I’m going to talk about education.
Okay, this topic is something that is very important in the world today. I think that education is key. Education opens the door for a lot of things. Everyone in this world is trying to get education. Yh, obviously we all know that school is hard but nothing good comes easy. With education, you can stand and speak in front of eligible people…Education is leading people forward. Even if, you decide not to eventually do what you studied and decide to follow your dreams afterwards…if it doesn’t work out, you always have your degree to fall back on. Education is important oh…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…In fact I don’t have much to say on this topic because this is something everyone should know…Our parents are not working hard to put us in the best of schools because they don’t want us around but because through their experience, they know what education can do for everyone. So pls go to school and take your education seriously.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me. – MJ

The Dancer

I met him – The dancer
He is as good as they say he is..How amazing he is!
He moves like the wind
One minute here, another there..
We decided to tango
His touch was electric..
We moved as one..
He put me in a state of ecstasy..
Took me to the clouds..
I felt like I was the only one in the world
His body was my shelter…
Oh my Lord…Why do I have this beautiful man?…So good to feel his body against mine..
Just as it was getting better…
‘Time to go’ he whispered
Before I could reply, he flung me back to earth as if to remind me that he only existed in my dreams…..