Day 6 – Challenge

Yesterday, I wrote about a time that I thought of ending my own life. Well, today we are going to move on to something less depressing. I’m going to write on thirty interesting facts about myself…well not so interesting..but bear with me.
1. I was born on 21st November 1995. Scorpio.
2. I play the clarinet. Haven’t practised in about 3 years though.
3. Went to music school for about 4 years. 6-10.
4. When I was in JS3, myself along with 2 other other people sang ‘We are the World’ at the MUSON centre in Lagos. Was the first to start so it was very nerve racking but it wasn’t so bad at the end.
5. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15.
6. I listen to old school music especially ‘Jackson 5’.
7. I love Bruno Mars with everything in me.
8. I have a very big imagination which goes against me a lot cuz it lessens my focus.
9. My full name is Adedolapo Modupeore Adewunmi Akitoye but most people call me Dolly or Dolapo.
10. Music is my passion. Thinking of going back to music school.
11. I love reading especially crime and mystery books. A book titled ‘Kiss the Girls’ by James Patterson changed my life.
12. I tend to wear black a lot even when I don’t mean to.
13. Purple is my best colour.
14. I want to be a journalist when I’m older.
15. I love analysing literature.
16. I could seem weird and silly sometimes.
17. Michael Jackson inspires me. Nicki Minaj has made me love rap. JLS speak to me with their lovely harmonies. I listen to a little ‘Whitney Houston’ every now and then. I love gospel music too.
18. I wouldn’t really mind getting married to someone 10 years older than me.
19. I am a helpless romantic.
20. I fell down from a bunk bed when I was in SS1. I had to get stitches on my jaw.
21. I express myself through writing and singing.
22. Physical pain is very frightening for me. A reason why I can never get piercings or tattoos.
23. One of my greatest fears is losing someone dear to me.
24. I am very emotional.
25. The most expensive material thing I own is my iPad.
26. I hate disappointing people and God. I tend to do that A LOT.
27. TD Jakes has no idea how much he has inspired me. Great pastor.
28. I could have some really bad mood swings.
29. Swimming is the only sport I can do.
30. God is my everything.
Wow! This was the most difficult one to write so far. This is me..Boring! Lol.
Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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