Day 7 – Challenge

Guys it’s been a week now and I am so proud of myself that I have kept to this challenge so far. Thanks for reading guys. I appreciate it. Anyway, yesterday I spoke about 30 not so interesting facts about me. Well, today I’m going to talk about my zodiac sign and if i think it fits my personality.
So basically, I was born on 21st November which makes me a Scorpio. I’m not really a believer of what it says but I always just read it for fun. For the sake of this challenge I went on google to see what my sign says about me and I have some interesting facts to show you.
Element : Water. Well this kinda makes sense since I swim a lot.
Ruling planets: Pluto. For this one, ill say that as Pluto isn’t really considered a planet anymore, it doesn’t really have a place and once in a while I feel out of place.
Symbol: Scorpion. I’m not that mean but I guess it goes to show that I can bite. Lol. (No, I can’t)
Stone: Topaz. I didn’t really know what topaz was when I first heard it. I had to go and search on google for a picture. Ill say that topaz is a really beautiful gemstone.
Life pursuit: to survive against against all opposition. Well definitely I want to be able to survive against all opposition but who doesn’t?

‘It says that Scorpios lead fate filled lives and have intense and dramatic personal relationships.’ In some ways I agree with this one especially when it comes to dating cuz when I fall, I fall hard.
‘Even as children, Scorpios are found to be wise beyond their years. According to astrologers, it’s called the sign of the ‘oldest souls’. I will say that when I was younger, I knew a lot of things that I shouldn’t have known so soon but I guess it’s based on circumstances.
‘Scorpios often know all the answers, except sometimes. They too often have difficulty in finding what they need to develop their own happiness.’ In some ways, I agree with this one. I don’t obviously always know all the answers but I tend to give people advice but I don’t know how to take my advice and develop my happiness.
‘Passion, desire and power go hand in hand for Scorpios.’ Yes in me, there is an element of passion and desire. Power? Not so sure but maybe I have a bit of it somewhere.
‘Biggest challenge in life and test in life is choosing between the power of love and love of power.’ Absolutely not. Well, not for me. I don’t even have any love for power.
‘Coming to grips with their extraordinary emotional depths and sensitivity isn’t easy for those around them.’ Hmm. I guess I can say that many people around me know that I am emotional and very sensitive and in a way, they have learnt to accept it. I try though not to be sad around them so as not to bring their moods down.
‘Others can often live with a Scorpio partner for years, but not really know them. Much to do with Scorpio remains a secret.’ Well, I can agree and say that I am secretive but I don’t think that I am extremely secretive.
‘Scorpios wear a mask.’ I’m not really sure if I do though.
‘Once they find true love, they can be the most faithful, dedicated partners but fall out badly with a Scorpio and you are likely to find that they will never forgive or forget.’ Well, this is true to an extent . Yh when I find true love, I’ll be really faithful and dedicated but I forgive easily. Maybe not forget..but I forgive.
According to what I saw, I am a cusp. This is because I was born on the last day of the sign which makes it possible for me to have some saggitarius traits as well since saggitarius is the next sign. A cusp is for those born on the first or last day of their sign.

These are just some of the stuff I saw. Well, like I said I’m not really a believer but keeping an open mind, I’ll say that my zodiac sign says quite a lot about me but it also gets some details wrong.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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