Day 12 – Challenge

by dolly21

Hi ya’ll,
Soooo….yesterday, I did a music shuffle thingy and I wrote on the 10 songs that popped up…So anyway, today..I’m going to tell ya’ll about my day. You will get to now from today know whether I am so much of an interesting person or boring person..I don’t even know the meaning of what I just said but anyway let’s get started..
. Today I woke up by 6:45 am to my mother’s phone call. I love my mother but to be honest I was a bit upset cuz I was really sleepy. Anyway, she wanted me to talk to my siblings cuz she went to see I perfectly understood her reason for calling. After the phone call, I slept back.
. Woke up again by 10:45 am to go for brunch with Rizi. I just brushed my teeth and threw on some sweats and a tank with my boots and jacket of course..
. Brunch wasn’t bad…It was the same as always..Eggs, Sausages, Baked beans, Potatoes, Bacon, Bread, Juice..Didn’t eat as much though. I got to see Donny and Yash…lol…yh and talk with Rizi..lool
. Got back to my room by about 11:56. I started watching ‘Charmed’. I really shouldn’t let that show take over me. While I was doing that, I was eating fingers and eating rich tea and butter and drinking juice. Yh, I eat a lot sometimes when I’m stressed. Lol. Started thinking about that perfect mister.
. I called Mariam to check on her. We were doing the exact same thing. Watching tv shows and feeling sister..
. Went to shower by about past 4. Came back and got a Skype call from Rizi saying how much she missed me…and I was like ‘Dude, we live like 5 minutes away’…Lol…yh like that will ever happen…She just called to see if I was studying…lol
. I deceived myself that I was going to read..yh just ended up eating fried rice that Hajara gave
. Started doing my laundry. Did a 15 minute yoga session…(It’s something I just started…not like I’m really fit or anything like
. Eventually started reading and slept off after 30 minutes of intense studying…lol..This was by like 19:46. Woke up by like 21:10. Pissed at myself for falling asleep.
. Started reading again…this time more seriously…but bbm’ing Doyin at the same time..
. Bbm’ing or not…I got to finish that chapter on politics that I have been wanting to finish..and I felt really proud of myself.
. Now it’s 23:32 and I am blogging. I am in the common room…and it’s way past my bedtime but I really want to study so ill try…and maybe play games and bbm in between. Afterwards, I’ll go and watch ‘charmed’ while eating rich tea smeared with butter.
This is a typical Saturday for me people. So what are your thoughts..? Interesting? Boring?lool…
Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ