Day 15 – Challenge

Yesterday, I spoke about my earliest memory. Today I’m supposed to talk about my favourite tumblrs…..but I don’t really look at tumblrs…I’m more of a writing….wordpress type of girl so I’m going to talk about my favourite blogs
1. This is probably my best blog ever. I love this blog soo much… The owner of this blog inspires me a lot…She knows how to connect emotions with words which is so amazing…..She is very clear and when you start reading, you just want to finish it. This is an amazing blog and I think everyone should read it.
2. This is another blog that I love so much…I appreciate good writers and he is one. I enjoy reading his pieces. Please take a look when you can.
3. Now what I love about this blog is how she passes her message across. She goes deep into issues that are otherwise just ignored. Yh, it may be a bit harsh- I love the harshness- but she says the truth. It is amazing.

I appreciate people that write well..I appreciate good writers and these guys up here know how to write to catch attention from others. They are truly amazing. Sorry this isn’t a good post today. I sort of rushed through it.
Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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