Day 18 – Challenge

Sup people,
Yesterday, I spoke about the highs and lows of my past year…Today, I’m going to share my beliefs with you guys. these beliefs are what keeps me going in life….
Seeing this one, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write..I haven’t really thought about my beliefs before…I just believe in what I believe…This one is going to be really hard to write but you know what? I’ll open my heart and just share.
I believe in Love…I haven’t been the luckiest girl when it comes to love and relationships but I have refused to give up on it..simply because I know that it exists and it will come when it will…when people say they have given up and stuff…I feel the need to tell them to be patient…It ain’t easy..I mean, even for me…I find it really difficult waiting for Mr. love but I just know that somehow, sometime it will come…You just have to wait and believe..
I believe that everything happens for a reason…This particular belief has kept me going for as long as I can remember…I have just come to terms with the fact that there is some sort of purpose for everything that happens…I think that fate has a reason for everything…So when my pen falls in class by accident, I know there is a reason…When I don’t go to a place of my choice or a school of my choice for example, there is a reason…There is a reason to everything and so it comforts me a lot..knowing that it would lead to something bigger and better.
I believe that everyone that asks for a second chance deserves one…Some people, I think don’t need it and that is because they don’t really care if they get it and they don’t plan to change…They just don’t give a shit…People like that clearly don’t need it..but people that want it and ask for it and are willing to change deserve a second chance…
I believe that everyone needs love, understanding and care…
I believe in the black and white….
I believe the song
I believe the words
I believe in God…ruler of my life and the earth…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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