Day 19 – Challenge

Yesterday, I wrote on my beliefs..Today, I’m going to write on disrespecting your parents.
Okay, so here are a few things I know about parents…
. Through them, we are brought to this world
. They see to our every need.
. Their job is to lead us and help guide us in the right direction.
These three facts summarise what parents are. Disrespecting to me means two things. 1 is doing things that they don’t want us to do and 2 is insulting them to their faces. Now as we grow up and especially during our teenage years, there is a tendency to rebel against our parents and to want to do things that they, in their right minds would never agree to. Of course, we find them annoying and we see them as kill joys but at the end of the day, they have their reasons. Now, I personally, do some things that my parents wouldn’t agree to and that is like disobeying them and I think it’s a natural form of disrespect. I think that during my parents time, they rebelled and so will my children probably. The one that I find utterly unreasonable is disrespecting them to their faces. Some people can insult their parents or like walk out on them and stuff like that. I can’t. I understand that parents can annoy the shit out of anyone but still I don’t think they deserve that kind of disrespect. For instance, my mum really pisses me off sometimes and I won’t lie sometimes, i just want to say something that would annoy her but…I wouldn’t disrespect her that way because she doesn’t need that..she doesn’t deserve that especially after all she has done for me. Even when I do things that are wrong, my prayer is for my parents especially my mum not to find out because it will be difficult for them to accept it. Our parents are wonderful people who try their best to help us. Yh, they are annoying but at the end of the day, they know best and they are experienced as well. Every once in a while, sit down and think of your parents and all they have gone through for you. I think we should all just try and refrain from any form of disrespect.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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