Day 22 – Challenge

Hi everyone,
Yesterday, I spoke about one of my favourite shows..Today, I’m going to talk about how I have changed in the last two years. It’s 2013. So basically, I’m going to be talking about how I have changed between 2011 and now.
Two years is a long time. Two years is approximately 730 days, 104 weeks, 17520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes and 63,072,200 seconds. Whew! Even you have to agree that that is a mouthful. A second alone can change less of TWO YEARS! I have definitely changed. To explain further, I’ll give a review of how these years have been.
Twenty eleven: I wont lie, twenty eleven was a roller coaster ride. I mean, I went through a lot of emotions in that year. I was in SS3 that year and it was a long journey. I enjoyed the feeling of falling in love and I suffered the feelings of break ups. I had loads of exams that year that wasn’t what you would call ‘easy’. Apart from that, school life was getting very complicated. As graduation was getting closer, it turned out that everyone wanted to pour out feelings that they had been harbouring in their hearts for the last six years. This led to my whole set getting into trouble with the school management. We were on the verge of expulsion. Luckily, our parents never found out. We all eventually graduated. It was a bitter-sweet moment. It was sweet because we were moving forward in our lives and it was bitter because we had lived with each other for six years. There had been tears, laughter and all sorts of emotions. I started a new relationship. I was so in love. Came to England to start my A levels and I met new people. Needless to say, twenty eleven was a crazy year.
Twenty twelve: This year was the year I would call tough because nothing really good stood out. I mean I broke up with two people that year. I broke up with my boyfriend and I broke up with someone I never even dated. Not that we broke up but things just changed. I don’t know who changed between us; whether it was me or him. He had always been there. He had been there through my last relationship and then eventually I fell for him. We never dated but after a while, things changed. I won’t go into that too much. A level exams came. I didn’t do well. I felt really terrible and really bad. I was depressed. In fact, I was a wreck. Like I said in one of my posts ‘You can never be too young to suffer from a break up’. The only good thing I got out of this year was getting closer to people who really helped me through it and all. Twenty twelve was messed up.
NOW!: I can honestly tell you that I’m not who I was before. All those things I went through really taught me something and made me see things differently. Two years ago, I was just a naive little girl learning the feeling of love and didn’t mind who or where I got it from. Now, it’s like I am afraid of commitment. I mean, I say all the time that I want a boyfriend. Truth is, yh I wouldn’t mind having one but when I start liking somebody and the person maybe starts getting close or someone starts liking me, it’s like my heart closes. I like see it all wrong. I have started learning to control my feelings and emotions around others because the truth is that it is not always about me. Even deep down, I know that I have changed. I can’t start going through all the specifics or details but i can tell you that the Dolly of twenty eleven isn’t the same Dolly now.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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