Day 23 – Challenge

Yesterday, I gave you guys an insight into my life in the last two years and how I think i have changed…well, moving on to something less depressing, I am going to give you pictures of five male celebrities that I find I have been waiting for this particular day to show you these Greek gods…Oh…la…la…they make my heart beat faster…I will start from no.5 to no.1..Anyway, enjoy!
So, my no.5 most attractive male celebrity is an actor. He is my guilty pleasure. Some people might find him attractive, others might not. I am one of those that find him incredibly sexy. I think he is just amazing. Anyway without much ado, he is…..

Say what you wanna say, Rob Pattinson is a sexy man. From the first time I saw his face, I was attracted. He is just beautiful and for some reason, I find his facial hair incredibly sexy. Kristen Stewart is so lucky.

Okay, so the next guy I’m about to mention is also an actor. He has been in the business for a long time now…I mean, everyone knows him. One of the movies he did when he was younger sold a lot…and I found him attractive then and I find him attractive now…I just think he ages beautifully…He just grows sexier with age…and he is…..

Leonardo Dicaprio…Some of you might agree with me that this guy is fine…..I love him…I love his movies…I mean one of the reasons why I read 50 shades of Grey was because I heard that he was going to be Christian Grey in the movie version…unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore..Oh well!

The next guy is sexxyyy….I don’t even think any one will even disagree with this one..I fell in love with this guy in one movie he acted about 3 years ago..the movie was amazing and he was acting with one of my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock..I think I might have given him away already…but for those of you that do not know who it is..he is…

Uhh, Ryan Reynolds is just one fine ass man….In the movie ‘The proposal’, he just won my heart and he was so awesome…and he was Sooo hotttt! He is so……I’ll leave it at that…

Now, I’m supposed to give you my number 2 but I can’t decide between these two because they are just talented, sexy, handsome…in fact they are the whole package…so they are tying for number 1…I’ll start with the first one…
He is an actor..(hmm seems like I have a thing for actors)….Anyway…he is just sexy, fine, his eyes are just reaching into your soul….like you can just drown in them…In fact this picture I’m about to put of him still doesn’t do him any justice but anyway…here he is…..

Pls can the house say a big ‘Amen’…whoooo…..Michael Ealy, you just get my blood hot…I just love you…I would kiss Michael Ealy in a heart beat…
Anyway, my other number one is a musician…if you know me very well and from what I have even said on this blog, you might guess who it is…He lights up my soul…I said I’ll kiss Michael Ealy in a heartbeat…well I will marry this guy in a heartbeat….I will gladly be his wife for this life and the one after it..Anyway, let me waste no more time, he is….

Bruno Mars, where have you been all my life? Why can’t you just ask me to marry you? I love Bruno Mars…I find him sexy…I find him attractive….Say what you wanna….this guy is just really really sexy to me in my own opinion…I love him…

So guys, these are my 5 sexy male celebrities….This is my own opinion and all….and you all have to admit…they are not bad…Anyway I love them..

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Challenge

  1. OMG! You’re choices are top-notch I must say…like from the moment I started reading this, my breaths started getting sharper with each actor! Like, Micheal Ealy is a *permit my English* fucking god!!!!!! too hot for this world I must say. Bruno Mars is just on another level entirely. And DiCaprio…my goodness! I don’t know you, but you are like my soul-sister. Please, whats your twitter handle? 🙂

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