Day 24 – Challenge

Heyyyyyy people,
Yesterday, I gave you some beautiful pictures of five handsome, sexy, talented…(I need not say more)….male celebrities…Today, I’m supposed to write about my favourite movie…Well, I have two favourite movies…Like they are my favourite movies of all time…They never get old for me and I watch them over and over I’m just going to talk about them a little bit…
The first movie is:

This movie was my childhood men…..I love it for daysss…I have watched this movie like up to a thousand times….literally…It is so good….I mean who didn’t watch sound of music as a child….This movie is like timeless…Julie Andrews…Oh my God…I will forever love her for this movie…and it is soo old..yet it just manages to catch my attention every time….and the songs in it are just….Men..if you haven’t watched sound of music, you are missing out big time….Pls grab your copy..NOW!

The second movie is:

My dad introduced me to this movie because at some point, he really loved J-lo movies like big time….So daddy came home one night with this CD like when I was like 6/7 years old…and he is like ‘you should watch this movie…..Jennifer Lopez is in it…’ Wasn’t completely sure who J-lo was and like when your dad recommends a movie for you to watch, you might be a bit scared that the movie might bore you out of your mind…..but boy was I wrong….I fell in love with this movie….I fell in love with J-lo…I fell in love with everything that this movie had to offer….I watched this movie so much until the cd started cracking….Maid in Manhattan is so goooooodddd….I mean…it is amazing….and I just love it….

So we are done, my two favourite movies…Glad I could share…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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