100 Truths

Hi everyone,
So I haven’t posted in a while….I have been writing some stuff down but I haven’t posted them because they aren’t good enough yet for you guys to see..so sooner or later, I’ll post them…In the meantime, I came across this 100 truths’ thing on a friend’s blog and I decided to do it….I wrote it yesterday morning so some of my answers are based on yesterday…Enjoy!

Here they are:
! Last beverage – Orange Juice
! Last phone call – Rizi…ore mi atata
! Last text message – Rachael…best teacher in the world
! Last song you listened to – One foot by Fun.
! Last time you cried – 2 days ago

❤Have you ever
! Dated someone twice – Nah
! Been cheated on – yep
! Kissed someone – yep
! Lost someone special – not to death…but like to the world
! Been depressed – Kind of
! Been drunk and threw up – Haha…yep..but it was just once

List your four favourite colours
! Purple
! Black
! Pink
! Red

Have you
! Made new friends – Yep
! Fallen out of love – Yep
! Laughed until I cried – Yep…but it rarely happens…so it has to be really funny
! Met someone who changed you – Can’t really say for sure
! Found out who your true friends were – Yep
! Found out someone was talking about you – Yea..I think
! Kissed someone on your friend’s list – No
! How many people on your friend’s list do you know in real life – Not many
! Do you have any pets – No…but I would like to have a little puppy someday..maybe a chihuahua
! Do you want to change your name – No
! What did you do for your birthday – Worked at British Heart Foundation and went to watch breaking dawn part 2 with my friends
! What time did you wake up today – 9:45 A.M.
! What were you doing at midnight last night – Watching charmed
! Name something you cannot wait for – To enter uni
! Last time you saw your father – Sunday
! What is be thing you wish you could change about your life – My focus
! What are you listening to right now – Treasure by Bruno Mars
! Have you ever talked to a person named Tom – Yep
! What’s getting on your nerves right now – I missed my train and the next one is taking too long to come
! Most visited webpage – lindaikeji.blogspot.com


! What’s your name – Adedolapo Modupeore Adewunmi Akitoye
! Nicknames – Dolly
! Relationship status – Single
! Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
! High School – The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School
! College – Brooke House College
! Hair Colour – Black and brown
! Long/medium/short – Short
! Height – 5″4
! Do you have a crush on someone – Yep
! What do you like about yourself – My imaginations…they can also be my own worst enemy sometimes
! Home town – Isale-eko, Lagos
! Tattoos- Nah
! Righty or lefty- Righty

! First surgery – Stitches after I fell from a bunk bed in SS1
! First relationship – 15
! First best friends – Chinonso Audrey Ubani….primary school bestie
! First sport you joined – Swimming…and the only sport I know well
! First pet – Never had one
! First vacation – England
! First concert – Wizkid’s concert in London last year
! First crush – Usher

❤Right now
! Eating – Nothing
! Drinking – Nothing
! Already missing – Brunch…lol
! I’m about to – Get to Leicester
! Listening to – Stay by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko
! Thinking about – How I am going to disturb doni when he comes back
! Waiting for – My train to Cambridge

❤Your future
! Want kids – 3 kids…2 boys and 1 girl..the girl should be in the middle
! Want to get married – Definitely…can’t wait..even…lol
! Careers in mind – Journalist

❤Which is better with the opposite sex
! Lips or eyes? – Eyes
! Hugs or kisses – Both
! Shorter or taller – Taller
! Older or younger – Older but I can still date someone not less than six months younger than me
! Romantic or spontaneous- A bit of both
! Nice stomach or nice arms – Stomach
! Sensitive or loud – A bit of both but maybe more sensitive than loud
! Hook-up or relationship – Relationship
! Troublemaker or hesitant – A bit of both

Have you ever
! Drank hard liquor – Yea
! Lost glasses/contacts – Lost contacts (not medicated)
! Had sex on 1st date – Lol….no
! Broken someone’s heart – Kinda…I think so…not sure
! Had your heart broken – Yea
! Been arrested – Nah
! Turned someone down – Yea
! Cried when someone died – Err
! Liked a friend that’s of the same sex – Lol..no

❤Do you believe
! Yourself – Not really..working on it
! Miracles – Yes
! Love at first sight – No…but I believe in like at first sight
! Heaven – Yes
! Santa Claus – No
! Kiss on the first date – Yea
! Angels – Yea

Answer Truthfully
! Is there someone one person you want to be with right now – 😉
! Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend – Err
! Wish you could Change things in the past – No…If there is one thing I have learnt, it’s that everything happens for a reason
! Are you posting this as 100 truths – Yea

This is just an insight of who I am..Hope you like it and if you haven’t done this, try doing it…it’s kind of fun…Anyway…PEACE!
Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ
P.S. In case you are wondering why I used exclamation marks instead of numbers…well I was just trying to be unique..lol

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Sorry about the title…couldn’t really find a better name…
So I am watching one of my favourite nigerian TV shows, ‘Tinsel’ and some story in there got me thinking about my boring life. In Tinsel, there is this guy called Alhaji Abubakar also known as ‘Masters’. He is like this smart dangerous guy. He always wears black and he isn’t exactly young but he is soooo handsome. He could be so unpredictable. Now, there is this girl called Angela who is like caught in a web of his evil. Everyday, she fears that he is going to kill her. He knows her every move and he treats her like she is his girl but they aren’t in a relationship and they haven’t even kissed, let alone had sex. Anyway, the point is that he has this dangerous sexiness oozing out of him. With time, she is enjoying this type of attention. Now, I have always wanted something like this. Something adventurous and something to keep me on edge. It’s no wonder why I have always been after the bad boys. The boys that others don’t necessarily approve of or agree with. It’s not even intentional. It’s just some kind of magnet. I have always fancied the idea of obsession. It feels so dangerous and so….sizzling. Call me crazy. You won’t be the first to use that word on me. I mean, am I the only one that feels this way? I just need someone to want me so bad. I need a bit if danger; not the kind of danger that will hurt me or any of my family or friends – something hot…Lol…Call me whatever…just a thought from a crazy lady.

Laters xx,
Danger crazed Dolly.
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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My Random thoughts at the Nigerian Airport

Okay…so I came to my motherland (Nigeria) some days ago…and while I was at Murtala Muhammed Airport waiting for my box…I got really bored and decided to write my thoughts down…no filter at all…just from my head to the paper..and I decided to post it for you guys…Its all over the place cuz like i said…it was straight from my head…lol..pls don’t judge me…
Men I’m tired
I don’t even know how I feel right now
I’m in an ‘I don’t care mood’
Let me sit down, my back aches
Please can this man stop blocking my view, I want to be able to see when my box comes
See this white man, lol…why does this his nigerian girlfriend treat him like an eeediiioott
Men…sweetie remove that big jacket from around your waist, it ain’t so pretty
See me thinking I dressed badly
Men..this man though…if I had a second with him, I’ll ask him why he is been treated like he is a fool
Did they charm him?
Lol…I’m an amebo sha…how e take do me now
Oga, pls remove from my front
I gatts to see if my box arrives
Lmao! Did that man just jump on the conveyor belt?
Lol…some tattoos though…
Wetin be this?…na rose or…..
Wedgie of life…
Am I sounding mean?
I don’t mean to…it’s tiredness and hunger..
Men…this pilots are hot….aye aye captain
Glo with pride!
‘Ako mi ti poju’ *singing*
*sigh* box pls come now so that I can ex this place
Thank God, it’s just one box I brought
Spirishual man (spiritual man)….hmmm…alright
Maybe na joke she dey joke
My friends….*sigh*, see how they have taught me to be noticing small details.
That thing better not touch me oh woman…if not its going to go down here
Funny enough, immigration today wasn’t so stressful…it’s just waiting for my box now..that is giving me wahala.
Loool…what kind of peck was that?….ehen it’s because your boyfriend is not there abi…lool…chai…I’m an amebo
I don’t even know if the white guy is her boyfriend or her……
Nahh there is no other explanation, it’s her bf
Nig airport is improving sha
Box has come!

Lool……this might seem like I’m a bit mean…but I’m not really…I was really tired and hungry and I had a really really long day….so I was a bit irritated and all…so I was just picking out little details and laughing to keep myself sane…Hope you like the post though…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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Day 30 – Challenge

Hey hey hey!!!!!!!,
Sooo I am very happy..like I am so ecstatic right now…reason? I have reached the final day of the challenge…I am so proud of myself…and that is because…I have accomplished something…I didn’t quit on this…There were days that I felt like just stopping the challenge…but I said ‘Dolly you can do this’…I promised myself that I’ll finish and I did…Anyway, before I start blabbing too much…let me just finish of with the last challenge….and that is to talk about my highs and lows of like the past month…
Well, topics like this are always kind of difficult to talk about cuz I never keep records or details that much…but off the top of my head…I’ll just mention a few high and low points of this month for me..
The past month wasn’t so bad…I mean, things didn’t go all wrong and I have experienced some good things come out of it. I got offers from all the universities I applied to which is a good thing. The interview that I did for one of the universities was really nerve racking and I thought I was going to mess up but turns out that I didn’t and they actually thought that I did well. I finally got my picture taken for the newspaper. I have been waiting since like December and I finally got it taken..so hopefully..sooner or later…my article will be published in it. Also, I think the gift of life given by God to me has also been awesome because I am healthy and my friends and family are alright…I mean..I really appreciate God.
Just as it had its up sides, this past month also had its down sides…It was quite difficult and stressful. My teachers kept breathing down my neck, giving me the ‘You are in A2’ speech….I really tried to improve but it seems that to myself even..I wasn’t working as hard…which made me feel disappointed in myself…Exams was another frustrating thing that I had to go through….I started having the worst exam phobias that I have ever had in my life…like I have always been nervous about exams but never that scared…I couldn’t understand it.
Finally, crushing on someone who will never know…or might not feel the same way…was kind of frustrating….but it’s alright…I guess.
So I’m done…Nothing so special there…All I’m happy about is that I’m done with this…I thank everyone that has followed it since the beginning and for those that joined in later…because I know that I can be a bit boring…Thanks for reading guys…And I’ll be posting better posts for you guys soon enough….Love ya’ll.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 29 – Challenge


Hey everyone,
So last night, I shared a feeling that I miss with you all…Today, I’m going to talk about my goals for the next one month…
I’m not the type to set monthly goals and this is because I always think something will mess it all up..like circumstances could change and shit like that and then I won’t be able to achieve those goals I set..and I’ll be upset with myself and so in order to avoid all these, I just live everyday as it comes and if I can I set my goals for each day. However, for the sake of this post, I will list some stuff that I hope to achieve. I don’t know if I will achieve them but I hopefully pray that God helps out because I haven’t really achieved these type of goals before….(I think)..Okay, so off the top of my head, in the next 30 days, I hope to have finished reading my coursework books. I also want to be able to read more and pray more. I hope to find a balance between playing and reading. Anyway, that’s all I can really give for now because it isn’t something I have thought through…but I think this summarises it all. Thanks for reading guys.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 28 – Challenge

Hey hey,
Yesterday, I gave you guys one cool story of a problem that I had….well…it’s not like it was much of a problem but I had to say something…Anyway, today I’m going to talk about something that in miss..like something I wish I could have right now….
So…basically…music has always been my life….I have loved music from a very early age…When I say music, I mean like everything about music has always been special to me…I started going to music school when I was 6…I loved it even though I gave my teacher a headache…Entering secondary school, music was my shelter… Loved everything that had to do with music….Due to lack of practise, I lost my ability to play….I wish I could have those moments back….I miss those times…I felt at home and at peace…I forgot about all my worries in an instant…I plan to get those moments back…it might take a while…but I’ll get them back…

Sorry this looks rushed, I got to sleep..

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

Day 27 – Challenge

Hey beautiful people,
Sooo yesterday,I spoke about the kind of person that makes me drool…Well, today I’m going to talk to you guys about a previous problem…Now this one was really really hard to think about and I don’t know why…Like I have literally been thinking about this one since yesterday and funny thing is when I first saw the challenge, I thought this one would be like the easiest…but seems I was wrong…Well, eventually I came up with something…that I’m not sure if it has been much of a problem…but I just have to say that at least this particular issue I’m out to talk about opened my eyes…Enjoy!
Okay so, when I was younger, (and when I say younger I’m talking about like up to about 2 years ago).., I had this problem of not being able to separate fairytales from reality…I always thought that I would have fairytale relationships where I would be with that hot, sexy, good looking, perfect Romeo…and he would bring me flowers and kiss me all the time…I always believed that he would be everything I dreamed of and when he say he loves me, he would mean it and I would believe it without any shadow of doubt and that after everything…we would live in our beautiful castle happily ever after…Well, not a castle but somewhere nice…My God! I was so damn naive and stupid too because how could I think that this kind of stuff existed in real life…Anyway…after having about three relationships in like one and a half years, I think I learnt my lesson…Fairytales aren’t real…They don’t exist…You see…all these books deceived us…Truth is, we don’t know what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ Haven’t you ever questioned it though…Why must all fairytales end with happily ever after I mean, why don’t they teach us about the dangers out there….? Well, maybe it’s because ‘Experience is the best teacher’ but still though…You know, i didn’t realise the difference..until I experienced all these….I finally learnt that, meeting your soulmate is not going to be a piece of cake…It would take tears and pain to meet him and he won’t be perfect….He would make his mistakes but you will know that he is worth it…It won’t be like a fairytale…It’s going to be more….earth-like, more realistic…I finally realised that fairytales keep a lot of secrets hidden…They don’t really show us the pain it takes to get us to to our one true love…I mean..there is more to my foot ‘fitting into a glass slipper’….

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ