Day 25 – Challenge

Hey people,
So yesterday, I spoke about my favourite movies…Well, today I’m going to talk about someone that fascinates me and I’ll tell you the reason why too..
Okay…so when I first saw this particular subject, I was thinking if what I could write….Thought about writing of a celebrity…but ya’ll already know that I’ll talk about Bruno Mars and I did t want to do that as I have spoken about him enough…I thought about writing about God…but God isn’t human….and I’m reserving another post for Him….Thought about writing about some of my girl friends…but they are more than one obviously…so eventually I decided to write about someone that I hardly ever really appreciate…I want to dedicate this post to him because he really does fascinate me a lot…
His name is Doyin. Now, let me give you guys a brief history of my relationship with Doyin. Doyin has been in my life for close to six years now. When Doyin and I started talking, I saw him as ‘Just one of my friends’….I didn’t realise how deep I was in our friendship until Doyin decided to leave in SS2…TO KOREA!!…..and he didn’t even tell me….I found out from his best friend, Michael..I ran to where Doyin was and I started to ask ‘Doyin, why are you leaving? Why didn’t you tell me? and before I knew it, I started to cry…I started to fear that I was about to lose a friend and that chances of me seeing him again or being as close as we were was almost slim to none… I WAS WRONG!
Doyin and I kept in contact with each other. We are even closer now than we ever were…Doyin has done so much for me…He has been there through it all…Through all my tears, pain, joy, laughter…everything…When something major happens in both of our lives, we make sure we tell the other immediately…we tease…we joke around…and when we both are in the same time zone, we find a way to try and see each other even if its just once…cuz we are not the type of people that get out of our houses very often…
I know people say that as friends, you have to fight…Well, Doyin and I have never fought…and I have no idea why…All I can still say is that our friendship is real…
One day I said to him ‘You are an amazing person…you are like my best friend’ and he said ‘I think we have passed that stage’ I couldn’t agree more..
Doyin is really smart…and he always tries to help me out and encourage me…The kind of things that doyin has experienced with me in this my life makes me wonder why he still even bothers….He manages to make me laugh and to see the good in every situation…We can talk for hours….Ask us what we have been talking about? Nothing at all…
My whole point of this whole story book is that Doyin is smeone that fascinates me and he is an awesome person and friend…and I love him with my heart……

So, I guess…I may have blabbed a little…but I hope I have been able to give you guys an insight into someone that really fascinates me…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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