Dear Soulmate,

by dolly21

I know you are out there, somewhere
I know that somehow your heart beats at the same rate as mine
I know that somehow you think the same way I do
I’m guessing that you hope to meet me someday as well
To be honest with you, heart breaks are tough
But I know that somehow, it is gradually leading me to you
I know that someday we will say ‘I do’
Funny thing is….
We both don’t know how this is going to happen
We might or might not know each other
This is all part of God’s great sense of humour
Cuz I know that when we realise….
We would look at each other and smile along with Him
So you know what,
If my heart is right about how amazing you are….
Then it’s alright
I know that you are worth all the pain and tears that it would take to get to you

Yours to be forever and a day more,
Your soulmate.