Day 26 – Challenge

Hi guys,
So yesterday, I spoke about someone special in my life that fascinated me…Today, I’m going to talk about the kind of person that attracts me…
Okay, to be honest…I’m not entirely sure what to say about this particular one…I have been thinking about it for a while now…but I still haven’t like reached a conclusion…You would think that by now, I should have a clear picture of the kind of guy that attracts me..but truth be told…I’m not really sure about it…This happens because I get attracted to a lot of guys for completely different reasons…I don’t always get attracted to the finest guys or the sexiest guys…Sometimes when I get attracted to some people, others wonder why it has to be that particular guy and sometimes I wonder the same thing….but the thing is I can’t really control it…
For example, there is this guy..I’ll call him S…S is not the finest guy on earth..neither is he the sexiest…At first, I just thought that he was really cute and he smiled all the time..Oh my God..then I used to say ‘Aww, he is so cute’.. But then, I started to find him like really attractive…I don’t know why…maybe it was just the way he looked in sweats…I don’t know…I just got attracted to him..It was like some sort of magnet pulling me to him and all…So thing is, I never really had a particular reason for getting attracted to someone…Although, I’ll have to say that personality is a HUGGEEEE factor for me…I mean, a guy’s personality can turn me on or off in an instant…If there is one thing I dislike in a guy or in people in general, it’s a bad attitude…Can’t stand it…So, I can’t get attracted to a person that behaves like a bitch…Honestly can’t…
I can see a guy and get attracted to him in an instant but if he behaves in a snobby or stand-offish way, it can turn me off…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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