Day 27 – Challenge

by dolly21

Hey beautiful people,
Sooo yesterday,I spoke about the kind of person that makes me drool…Well, today I’m going to talk to you guys about a previous problem…Now this one was really really hard to think about and I don’t know why…Like I have literally been thinking about this one since yesterday and funny thing is when I first saw the challenge, I thought this one would be like the easiest…but seems I was wrong…Well, eventually I came up with something…that I’m not sure if it has been much of a problem…but I just have to say that at least this particular issue I’m out to talk about opened my eyes…Enjoy!
Okay so, when I was younger, (and when I say younger I’m talking about like up to about 2 years ago).., I had this problem of not being able to separate fairytales from reality…I always thought that I would have fairytale relationships where I would be with that hot, sexy, good looking, perfect Romeo…and he would bring me flowers and kiss me all the time…I always believed that he would be everything I dreamed of and when he say he loves me, he would mean it and I would believe it without any shadow of doubt and that after everything…we would live in our beautiful castle happily ever after…Well, not a castle but somewhere nice…My God! I was so damn naive and stupid too because how could I think that this kind of stuff existed in real life…Anyway…after having about three relationships in like one and a half years, I think I learnt my lesson…Fairytales aren’t real…They don’t exist…You see…all these books deceived us…Truth is, we don’t know what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ Haven’t you ever questioned it though…Why must all fairytales end with happily ever after I mean, why don’t they teach us about the dangers out there….? Well, maybe it’s because ‘Experience is the best teacher’ but still though…You know, i didn’t realise the difference..until I experienced all these….I finally learnt that, meeting your soulmate is not going to be a piece of cake…It would take tears and pain to meet him and he won’t be perfect….He would make his mistakes but you will know that he is worth it…It won’t be like a fairytale…It’s going to be more….earth-like, more realistic…I finally realised that fairytales keep a lot of secrets hidden…They don’t really show us the pain it takes to get us to to our one true love…I mean..there is more to my foot ‘fitting into a glass slipper’….

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ