Day 29 – Challenge


Hey everyone,
So last night, I shared a feeling that I miss with you all…Today, I’m going to talk about my goals for the next one month…
I’m not the type to set monthly goals and this is because I always think something will mess it all circumstances could change and shit like that and then I won’t be able to achieve those goals I set..and I’ll be upset with myself and so in order to avoid all these, I just live everyday as it comes and if I can I set my goals for each day. However, for the sake of this post, I will list some stuff that I hope to achieve. I don’t know if I will achieve them but I hopefully pray that God helps out because I haven’t really achieved these type of goals before….(I think)..Okay, so off the top of my head, in the next 30 days, I hope to have finished reading my coursework books. I also want to be able to read more and pray more. I hope to find a balance between playing and reading. Anyway, that’s all I can really give for now because it isn’t something I have thought through…but I think this summarises it all. Thanks for reading guys.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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