Day 30 – Challenge

by dolly21

Hey hey hey!!!!!!!,
Sooo I am very I am so ecstatic right now…reason? I have reached the final day of the challenge…I am so proud of myself…and that is because…I have accomplished something…I didn’t quit on this…There were days that I felt like just stopping the challenge…but I said ‘Dolly you can do this’…I promised myself that I’ll finish and I did…Anyway, before I start blabbing too much…let me just finish of with the last challenge….and that is to talk about my highs and lows of like the past month…
Well, topics like this are always kind of difficult to talk about cuz I never keep records or details that much…but off the top of my head…I’ll just mention a few high and low points of this month for me..
The past month wasn’t so bad…I mean, things didn’t go all wrong and I have experienced some good things come out of it. I got offers from all the universities I applied to which is a good thing. The interview that I did for one of the universities was really nerve racking and I thought I was going to mess up but turns out that I didn’t and they actually thought that I did well. I finally got my picture taken for the newspaper. I have been waiting since like December and I finally got it hopefully..sooner or later…my article will be published in it. Also, I think the gift of life given by God to me has also been awesome because I am healthy and my friends and family are alright…I mean..I really appreciate God.
Just as it had its up sides, this past month also had its down sides…It was quite difficult and stressful. My teachers kept breathing down my neck, giving me the ‘You are in A2’ speech….I really tried to improve but it seems that to myself even..I wasn’t working as hard…which made me feel disappointed in myself…Exams was another frustrating thing that I had to go through….I started having the worst exam phobias that I have ever had in my life…like I have always been nervous about exams but never that scared…I couldn’t understand it.
Finally, crushing on someone who will never know…or might not feel the same way…was kind of frustrating….but it’s alright…I guess.
So I’m done…Nothing so special there…All I’m happy about is that I’m done with this…I thank everyone that has followed it since the beginning and for those that joined in later…because I know that I can be a bit boring…Thanks for reading guys…And I’ll be posting better posts for you guys soon enough….Love ya’ll.

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ