My Random thoughts at the Nigerian Airport

Okay…so I came to my motherland (Nigeria) some days ago…and while I was at Murtala Muhammed Airport waiting for my box…I got really bored and decided to write my thoughts down…no filter at all…just from my head to the paper..and I decided to post it for you guys…Its all over the place cuz like i said…it was straight from my head…lol..pls don’t judge me…
Men I’m tired
I don’t even know how I feel right now
I’m in an ‘I don’t care mood’
Let me sit down, my back aches
Please can this man stop blocking my view, I want to be able to see when my box comes
See this white man, lol…why does this his nigerian girlfriend treat him like an eeediiioott
Men…sweetie remove that big jacket from around your waist, it ain’t so pretty
See me thinking I dressed badly
Men..this man though…if I had a second with him, I’ll ask him why he is been treated like he is a fool
Did they charm him?
Lol…I’m an amebo sha…how e take do me now
Oga, pls remove from my front
I gatts to see if my box arrives
Lmao! Did that man just jump on the conveyor belt?
Lol…some tattoos though…
Wetin be this?…na rose or…..
Wedgie of life…
Am I sounding mean?
I don’t mean to…it’s tiredness and hunger..
Men…this pilots are hot….aye aye captain
Glo with pride!
‘Ako mi ti poju’ *singing*
*sigh* box pls come now so that I can ex this place
Thank God, it’s just one box I brought
Spirishual man (spiritual man)….hmmm…alright
Maybe na joke she dey joke
My friends….*sigh*, see how they have taught me to be noticing small details.
That thing better not touch me oh woman…if not its going to go down here
Funny enough, immigration today wasn’t so stressful…it’s just waiting for my box now..that is giving me wahala.
Loool…what kind of peck was that?….ehen it’s because your boyfriend is not there abi…lool…chai…I’m an amebo
I don’t even know if the white guy is her boyfriend or her……
Nahh there is no other explanation, it’s her bf
Nig airport is improving sha
Box has come!

Lool……this might seem like I’m a bit mean…but I’m not really…I was really tired and hungry and I had a really really long day….so I was a bit irritated and all…so I was just picking out little details and laughing to keep myself sane…Hope you like the post though…

Laters xx,
Before you judge me, try hard to love me – MJ

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