For Bi Kelly

It’s amazing how time flies…
4 years have gone within the blink of an eye
Life has continued but you have always remained in my thoughts and memories…

I remember the first day I met you…
It was an accent I had never heard before…
For some reason, I thought you were the Hausa teacher…
Lol..but what did I know..I was just in JS1…
You eventually introduced yourself to us as the ‘Swahili’ teacher
Swahili? What language was that?
You answered the questions that clouded my thoughts soon enough
You were from Kenya..
As time passed, you captured the hearts of my mates and the whole school..
Everyone loved you Bi Kelly
Students didn’t want to get rude to you because they didn’t want to hurt you
You really made that much of an impact..
You were so happy and so jovial…
I loved being in your presence…
The peace that surrounded you made me forget all my worries
You made us laugh so much with your accent and your humour….
I remember when you decided to take students on a trip to Kenya…
It was expensive and students kept on saying how they weren’t going to go
I laughed and said…it wasn’t going to happen..
I wasn’t going to go
For some reason, my dad decided to pay for the trip when he saw it in the school newsletter
I complained for a while because I didn’t know any of my mates that were going
But soon after, I got used to it and I thought ‘This might be fun’
And it was….
I loved that we got to spend that time with you in your country that you were so proud of..
My mum started to talk to you every now and then and just like everyone, she loved you
I remember that particular day in SS1 when you entered the class and everyone was worried because you had lost so much weight
At the same time, you looked pale…
We asked what was wrong and you laughed and said so cheerfully ‘My doctor said I should lose weight if not ill die’
You told us of how you had to start exercising because of your health but you said it so peacefully and cheerfully that no one thought it was that serious
Things started getting worse..
You became very weak and you couldn’t stand without leaning..
You were paler and weaker….but in everything you kept on smiling
You kept on being happy….

I was at home when I heard about your death…
I can’t remember the particular date…but I know it was around this period
I laughed because I couldn’t believe it…
But it was true…
Everyone was shocked…no one could talk openly…everyone spoke in whispers…
It was hard to believe
My mum decided that we would go for your funeral…
We got there very late…when they were putting your coffin in the car…
My heart sank…
Of course, other Bells students and teachers were there…to say their final goodbyes

It was different when you left…
Every once in a while….someone would say ‘I miss Bi Kelly’ and the mood will just change
Your office was left empty for a very long time and people kept leaving messages on the paper pinned to the door
It’s funny how….I have never cried in the space of four years over your death…
I have always been sad when I think about it…but I have not cried
Today, however….I cried….and my heart was sad..

Bi Kelly…I miss you so much
Your students miss you
The Bells misses you
You were an amazing teacher
Words cannot describe how beautiful you were both inside and out
It’s so sad..that you had to leave us so soon…
But then again..
We can’t question God…
He has a reason for everything

It’s funny how we used to joke about how Bells management liked to feel different with themselves
By making us learn Swahili
But then again….if Swahili wasn’t brought to Bells
We never would have met you
No one ever replaced you in teaching us
No one could even replace you if they tried…..

I hope and I’m sure I speak for others
That you are dining with the angels
Because…you deserve to be among the angels
That’s where you belong….

Rest in Paradise, Bi Kelly..
I love you…
We love you….

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