Big Girls Don’t Cry

Growing up…
She depended on her support network
In a way, she was a brat
She thought everyone loved her
And everyone would be there for her
So she cried to whoever was available
She cried cuz she wanted the attention
And she wanted everyone to know about her pain and her story
As she grew up, she started to see things that she never saw before
She started to realise that
Not everyone loved her and not everyone could care less about her story
She realised that she had to appear tough to some people
She had to appear happy
She had to appear like she had everything together
That way
No one would step on her
No one would would pity her
And no one would have to pretend to care about her
So every night before she went to bed
She poured it all out
She had learnt how to do it silently too
No one could hear her cry
Even when she was with her friends
She would cry so silently that they wouldn’t notice
It was perfect
Everyone saw her as happy, tough and free spirited
That was the image she wanted
And she got to know that
As a big girl, some things are better left unsaid
Some tears are better left unseen
And pain should be translated to others around her as happiness
She finally understood that Big Girls Don’t Cry
They keep their pain inside
It was the best way


The ‘once upon a time’ reality

People say love in movies ain’t the same as love in reality and I agree. It doesn’t always happen like that. It isn’t a fairy tale…it’s real life
The guy doesn’t always end up with the girl
The ‘I love you’s’ aren’t always real
‘Happily ever after’s’ are sometimes hard to come by
The slow music in the background isn’t just real
Is it too much to ask
For someone to tell me he loves me and mean it
To not toy with my feelings
To call me and text me and make me feel special
I’m not asking for good morning texts…(although that will be sweet)
I’m just asking for someone to make me feel special and loved
Is it too much to ask
For someone to just be a little spontaneous and nice to me
To just sit down and focus on just me
To kiss me….with love
Not thinking of what’s behind my clothes
To just make me feel happy
To hold my hands, look me in the eyes and tell me
That he loves being with me
Is it too much to ask for just a little love
Just a little fire
I just need a lovely reality
Isn’t it possible?
Can’t I get that?
‘A fairytale reality’

One day

I just ask for one day….
One day….
Where I would wake you up with a kiss
And your face would light up with that beautiful smile of yours
Where we would share breakfast in bed
We would stay in with nothing but our birthday suits
And watch all your favourite movies
We would dress up and go for dinner
Like its the first time
Go out and dance under the moonlight
And laugh out so loud like we have no worries on earth
You would let me kiss your feet
While you pierce me with the thorn from the rose
And let me make sweet love to you
When the clock strikes 12, you can go on not loving me…

I just need one day to show you a coup d’oeil of all the love that you have deprived me of

What matters

Hi guys,
So…some days ago, my friend and I were looking at a picture of Mariah Carey and then we started to talk about how hot and banging her body is despite the fact that she has had kids and she is in her 40’s. From there, the conversation shifted to her marriage to Nick Cannon. Some people say she is too old for him and everything because she was like going through puberty when he was born… 11 years is a wide age gap. I realised that if I bring a man that is 11 years younger than me to my mother, telling her that I want to marry him…she would flip! She will start to question where she went wrong with me. My parents will never agree to it. Basically, that is society’s take on it and all..especially Nigerian society. But honestly, let’s think about it…does it really matter? Nick Cannon is a handsome and rich man who is in love and is with the woman of his dreams. Isn’t that all that matters? Being happy. So whose business is it?
Same goes for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris..Okay, I kind of agree that he is a little too old for her…but so far as they are happy…should anyone care?
Personally, I would want to be with a man older than me but the truth is ‘we don’t choose who we fall in love with’.
Life is too short to live being unhappy. Do what makes you happy. Live every moment. Don’t let a past of unhappiness stop you from living your life because you just lose all those precious times that could have been happy for you.