What matters

Hi guys,
So…some days ago, my friend and I were looking at a picture of Mariah Carey and then we started to talk about how hot and banging her body is despite the fact that she has had kids and she is in her 40’s. From there, the conversation shifted to her marriage to Nick Cannon. Some people say she is too old for him and everything because she was like going through puberty when he was born… 11 years is a wide age gap. I realised that if I bring a man that is 11 years younger than me to my mother, telling her that I want to marry him…she would flip! She will start to question where she went wrong with me. My parents will never agree to it. Basically, that is society’s take on it and all..especially Nigerian society. But honestly, let’s think about it…does it really matter? Nick Cannon is a handsome and rich man who is in love and is with the woman of his dreams. Isn’t that all that matters? Being happy. So whose business is it?
Same goes for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris..Okay, I kind of agree that he is a little too old for her…but so far as they are happy…should anyone care?
Personally, I would want to be with a man older than me but the truth is ‘we don’t choose who we fall in love with’.
Life is too short to live being unhappy. Do what makes you happy. Live every moment. Don’t let a past of unhappiness stop you from living your life because you just lose all those precious times that could have been happy for you.


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