The ‘once upon a time’ reality

by dolly21

People say love in movies ain’t the same as love in reality and I agree. It doesn’t always happen like that. It isn’t a fairy tale…it’s real life
The guy doesn’t always end up with the girl
The ‘I love you’s’ aren’t always real
‘Happily ever after’s’ are sometimes hard to come by
The slow music in the background isn’t just real
Is it too much to ask
For someone to tell me he loves me and mean it
To not toy with my feelings
To call me and text me and make me feel special
I’m not asking for good morning texts…(although that will be sweet)
I’m just asking for someone to make me feel special and loved
Is it too much to ask
For someone to just be a little spontaneous and nice to me
To just sit down and focus on just me
To kiss me….with love
Not thinking of what’s behind my clothes
To just make me feel happy
To hold my hands, look me in the eyes and tell me
That he loves being with me
Is it too much to ask for just a little love
Just a little fire
I just need a lovely reality
Isn’t it possible?
Can’t I get that?
‘A fairytale reality’