Big Girls Don’t Cry

Growing up…
She depended on her support network
In a way, she was a brat
She thought everyone loved her
And everyone would be there for her
So she cried to whoever was available
She cried cuz she wanted the attention
And she wanted everyone to know about her pain and her story
As she grew up, she started to see things that she never saw before
She started to realise that
Not everyone loved her and not everyone could care less about her story
She realised that she had to appear tough to some people
She had to appear happy
She had to appear like she had everything together
That way
No one would step on her
No one would would pity her
And no one would have to pretend to care about her
So every night before she went to bed
She poured it all out
She had learnt how to do it silently too
No one could hear her cry
Even when she was with her friends
She would cry so silently that they wouldn’t notice
It was perfect
Everyone saw her as happy, tough and free spirited
That was the image she wanted
And she got to know that
As a big girl, some things are better left unsaid
Some tears are better left unseen
And pain should be translated to others around her as happiness
She finally understood that Big Girls Don’t Cry
They keep their pain inside
It was the best way


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