I love you but….

The day I met you was a day I would never forget
The whole world became a wonderland in my eyes
I met love for the first time
I realised that baby Cupid had hit me with the arrow
When I looked into those soft green eyes
I knew that you were the one for me
I knew that day that God had removed the rib he used to create me from you
I knew that the angel of destiny was going to be rewarded by God for a job well done
We became one
Then you went away
‘For the love of your country’ you said
‘So that I would be proud of you’ you said
I carried you in my spirit everyday
The bed was cold and empty without you
I had no way of communicating with you
I was scared because I didn’t know if you were alive or dead
All I had left was the ring you put on my finger
The ring that promised me that you were mine
The ring that promised me that you would be back
The ring that promised me that forever with you was never going to be enough for us to enjoy the fullness of our love
I waited and waited for you to come back to me
And when you did
I was ecstatic
To say that I was ‘over the moon’ would have been too cliché
And our love is anything but cliché
I was ready to begin my journey of a lifetime with you
You had changed…
You started drinking everything
You started screaming at night
You started to see me as the enemy
You hit me at will…
My baby hit me…
You had sex with me whenever you wanted…not when we wanted..
You became so bipolar
Sometimes you loved me…..sometimes you didn’t
The times you loved me…..you held me close and told me how much you loved me
I knew you did but your actions didn’t say them anymore
I knew it wasn’t your fault
It’s the fault of the country
This country you loved so much put a tear in the garment of our love
I cried night and day because I wanted my lover back
Baby…l love you…
God knows I love you more than I love myself
I have loved you since the day I met you
My heart beats anytime you walk into the room
But I don’t know if it’s out of love or fear
I love you but…..