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Month: June, 2013

What I do

Good morning my blovers,

Happy Sunday to you all. Guess what? It’s the last day of June 2013. God has been faithful to us all. Anyway, today I’m to answer the question  ‘What do I do?’. I don’t have a job so it has to be something else. Hope you love this one.

So guys, I can only think of one thing that I do; I blog. I don’t consider this as a job because saying its a job might make it sound like a chore. I blog because I love doing it. I love writing for other people to see. Writing makes me feel much better about everything;makes me feel better about life even. I never knew how much I loved it until I started and it might seem weird that I write for complete strangers to see but somehow it changes things for me. That’s why when I have that evil spirit called writer’s block, it annoys me so much. Having you guys read my blog makes me feel good about myself. When I have a new subscriber, I am so ecstatic. It makes me feel good that people read my blog. So when I’m asked about what I do, this is it.

Peace and love,




Day 6



Hey blovers,

Hope you all rose up well this morning. Anyway, we are on day 5 on this challenge and so far so good. Today’s challenge is going to be a little bit different. I have to profess my love for one of my blogger friends and why I love the person. I cannot believe I am going to do this but for the sake of this challenge, I am going to. So sit back, relax and watch how I show my love to this wonderful person.

So my favourite blogger friend goes by many aliases; You can call her Aku, Kunarr or even A. I was looking at one of her social network pages one day and I saw that she had a wordpress blog and seeing that I am a sucker for writers and their blogs, I went to have a look. It was beautiful. She literally spoke to my soul. I read all her posts to the very end. She made me feel like I sucked at being a writer. That was how good she was. I found out from her very first post that she had an old blog before and I went to take a look at that one as well and I loved it. It was exceptional. I started following her blog- because you can’t just read her blog and not follow it – and with every post she kept on inspiring me. She makes me want to be a better writer. I think what I really like about her blog and the way she writes is her ability to connect emotions with words flawlessly. She truly is amazing. To be honest, her blog is nothing like her. She is such a happy child and she encourages me to keep on smiling. She is just as amazing as her blog is and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Anyway, to read Kuna’s amazing blog, go to and make sure you guys follow it as well.

Lol. Guys, can you see the things that this challenge makes me write? Anyway I signed up for it so I have no reason to complain. To Akunna, hey the challenge made me do it. Lol.

Peace and love,



Day 5

Favourite Quote(s)

Hey blovers,

Another day, another challenge. Today, I am going to tell you guys about my favourite quote. I have three quotes that I’m going to share with you guys today. I am supposed to talk about one but instead ill give you three. One of them is actually one that I know very well and I always say it to everyone around me. The next two quotes are just quotes that I felt are very important and heartfelt that I felt that I should also share. Hope you guys love them as much as I do.

Everything happens for a reason

I got this quote from a very popular old Tv series called Charmed. I started watching this show earlier this year and I loved it and even finished the series. In this show, the main characters (the three witches) believed that everything happened for a reason. This was what helped them carry on with their daily lives. They believed that every little thing that happened was made to serve some sort of higher purpose which was in most cases the truth. Since I heard this quote, I have always tried to relate it to my daily life. I have started to believe that everything happens for a reason. I try not to take any bad situation in my life to heart. I just try to believe that it all happens for a reason; might be a blessing or a lesson. Trust me, living by this quote makes life easier. So this is why this quote is my favourite quote. It applies to my daily life and helps me see things in a positive light.

You got to put your heart out there. It might get broken but that’s how you know you have one.

This quote came from a movie I watched sometime ago. The movie is called Mr.Popper’s Penguins. I cant really remember the plot of this movie really well but I think Mr.Popper was saying this quote to his daughter who was afraid of getting her heart broken. I am a strong believer of love. I believe that everyone on earth deserves to love and be loved. The truth is that heart break is pain and I always say that you can never be too young to experience the pain of heart break. Everyone hates pain and most times a lot of people are afraid of taking that step to finding the one so as to avoid that sort of pain. However, sometimes you have got to take a leap of faith. Sometimes, you have to give your heart a chance and like Mr.Popper said, it might get broken but at least, you’ll know that your heart is not only capable of just pumping blood. You’ll know that your heart is also capable of holding in some love.

Love itself is what is left over, when being in love has burned away

I love this quote so much. I love this quote with all my heart. I got this quote from a book called Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. This book was one of my literature books for my A levels and to be very honest with you guys, I never actually finished it but I read a large portion of the book. In the book, Dr. Iannis told this quote to his daughter, Pelagia. He was teaching her about love. From what I understood from this quote, I believe that he was trying to say that there is that honeymoon phase where we feel like our other half seems like the best person in the whole world and we are living in a fairytale. However, the truth of the matter is that loving someone is the ability to still be able to get past that honeymoon phase and go through hell with that person and still being able to stand by and love that person. Loving someone is not being able to kiss the person or hug the person or even make love to the person, I mean Judas kissed Christ and still betrayed him; its being able to stand by that person through the hard times and put the person’s happiness before yours. It’s love that’s beyond the physical because all the physical love would fade away at some point but the beyond-the-flesh type of love would always be there. This is what I understand from this quote and I appreciate it a lot.

So my blovers, I hope you loved this post. Hope you loved the quotes. Thanks for reading.

Peace and love,


Day 4

Book I have read more than three times

Hey my blovers,

How are you guys doing today? Good I hope. Today, we are having another episode of book talk and I am going to tell you guys of a book that I loved so much that I read more than three times. This book really inspired me. I loved it so much. This book is Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.PurpleHibiscus

The first time I read this book was in 2010. I was in Ss3; final year of high school and it was one of the literature books that we had to read. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to read it but then my mates told me that the book was really good and so I picked it up and started reading it and I loved it. It was so good that even the non-literature students started reading it – even the ones that didn’t read that much. I read that book so much that I was so sure that I nailed my literature questions on this book. I loved it even so much even that I decided to do it for my coursework in my A levels literature. I am so sure I have read this book almost 10 times and I really recommend it to everyone. I even made my A level English Literature teacher read it. He loved it a lot despite the fact that he didnt obviously understand the Igbo parts. Chimamanda is such a good writer. She knows how to describe things so well. I admire her a lot. She is almost a national treasure. I really recommend this book to everyone. Its heartfelt and inspiring and opens our eyes to issues that are otherwise ignored. I didn’t really like the end but all in all the book was really special.

Pet Peeves

Hi my blovers(blog lovers),

Hope you guys are doing well. I know…I know..I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m sorry. However, I promised you guys that I will finish this challenge and I’m not going back on my word. My word is my bond! So anyway, we are on day 3 of this challenge and today I’m going to talk about my pet peeves;things that make me uncomfortable or things that are annoying to me but not a big deal to others. So not a lot of things annoy me but sometimes the tiniest things could irritate me a bit and others might not see any reason on why I get annoyed about it. Anyway, I’ll give you a tiny list of my pet peeves.

! Running taps: I hate seeing running taps. It makes my skin crawl. It annoys me a lot. I don’t know why but I have hated it for as long as I can remember. I always close taps tightly so that not even a drop comes out. 

! Wet hands: Oh my God! This one is probably my worst pet peeve. Nothing makes me cringe more than this one. You guys can’t even understand. I am irritated by wet hands especially if you’re just coming from the toilet. I feel like hands should be dried properly after being washed. I have always had this problem with wet hands since primary school when I saw a girl coming out of the toilet with her hands really wet and she had catarrh and she was using her wet fingers to write on the board and she kept on blowing her nose and I just felt like ‘Really?’. Since then..I have just had a problem with seeing people with wet hands. Lol.

! Meeting lots of people that I don’t know: So this isn’t actually a pet peeve. I mean, it doesn’t annoy me but it makes me uncomfortable. I am a really shy person when I meet people. I feel like a fish out of water and I become really quiet. I don’t know how to act or what to say and most of the time, I don’t know how to make good conversations. So, sometimes I end up doing really stupid and clumsy things that makes me look like a fool or I’m really quiet or I just utter nonsense statements that don’t even make any sense. This is because I’m uncomfortable. I am very nervous and I don’t know what to do.

So guys, the top two are my pet peeves and you might find them weird but that’s why they are pet peeves you I said, not really many things particularly annoy me. Some of the other things that annoy me are general so they aren’t exactly pet peeves so that’s why they aren’t up there. I also gave you guys an insight into something that makes me really uncomfortable. So guys, if you ever meet up with me when there are lots of people also, don’t be surprised if I do anything stupid.Lol. Thanks for reading guys.

Peace and love,



Day 3

David and Bathsheba

Hi my lovely readers,

I feel blessed and honoured to be writing for you guys again today. It always gives me so much joy. Anyway without much ado, I would go into the challenge for today. Today I am to educate you all on something that I know a lot about. Now, this one was very tricky for me. I know a lot of things but explaining them is difficult and I couldn’t really figure out what I should talk about. So, I decided to tell you guys about a Bible story that I know so well. I have known it since I was little and explaining it has always been easy. So this is what I’m going to tell you guys about today. It’s about a very famous King who made a mistake. I’m going to be saying it in my own words guys as its easier for me to explain. It’s a pretty interesting story so please sit back, relax and grab some popcorn. Hopefully, you’ll love it. 

There was a particular time of the year when Kings went out with their armies to fight but for some very weird reason, King David decided not to go. He decided to stay home and relax while his army went out to fight. So he was wandering about at the top of his beautiful palace and he could see into the house of his neighbours. As he was looking from his top balcony and just chilling, he looked into one of his neighbours house and he saw a beautiful woman going to bathe. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. I mean, who can resist that? Guys lets be honest, if you see a hot woman going to bathe, you won’t be able to resist looking would you? Lol..Back to the story. Anyway, he was just looking at this woman and watching her bathe and he decided that he was going to get this woman. (After all he is the king. he can get anyone he wants). So afterwards, he sent his servant to call the woman. Her name was Bathsheba. He called her in and he had sex with her. Afterwards, he sent her back home. (David, you sly fox). 

Anyway after a while, trouble came. Bathsheba sent word to King David explaining that she was pregnant. David knew that he was in some serious trouble. So, he hatched a perfect plan. He sent for Uriah. Uriah was Bathsheba’s husband. (Now, I just have to clarify that David knew that Bathsheba was Uriah’s wife). Uriah was a good man and he was sort of close to David. Anyway, when Uriah arrived, David told him to go home and relax with his wife and have sex with her. (Well, he probably wasn’t that direct, but you get the gist). Anyway, the next day, he found out that Uriah didn’t go home but slept in front of the palace. When David questioned him about why he didn’t go home, he said ‘The ark and the army of Israel and Judah are out there in tents. My master Joab and your special troops are camped in the open fields. How could I go to my house to eat and drink? How could I go there and make love to my wife? I could never do a thing like that. And that’s just as sure as you are alive!’ What a patriot! 

However, David still didn’t give up. The next day he invited Uriah to his palace and got him drunk so that Uriah could go home and make love to his wife but still in his drunken state, Uriah didn’t go home. So David knew that this plan definitely wasn’t going to work. So, he sent Uriah back to war with a note for his master, Joab. In the note, David instructed Joab to put Uriah at the war front so that Uriah would die. Imagine that. Uriah was carrying his death warrant in his hand and had no clue. Anyway, Joab made this happen and Uriah died. Afterwards, David married Bathsheba and moved her into his palace.

But God wasn’t done with him.

God sent is prophet Nathan to David. Nathan told David a story about two men;one rich, the other poor. The rich man had so many animals and cattle and so many sheep but the poor man had only one lamb that he loved so much. A time came when some visitors came to see the rich man and he held a party for them but instead of taking one of his own animals, he took the lamb of this poor man. David vexed. He asked Nathan who this man was so that he could kill him. And Nathan told him ‘It’s you, bruv’. Anyway, God said through Nathan that the baby wasn’t going to live for more than seven days. David covered himself with ashes. He didn’t eat or drink or listen to music throughout the week when the baby was sick. When the baby died at the end of the week, he put on his kingly robes and ate drank and listened to music and when his servants asked him ‘Oga sir, why is this so?’ He told them that while the baby was alive, he did all he could but now that the baby was dead, there wasn’t much that he could do about it.

So guys, that’s the end of this story. I like this story a lot because it teaches about responsibility and repentance. If David had gone to war;if he had just taken the responsibility and gone, all these wouldn’t have happened. Afterwards, when he realised that he was wrong, he went back to God to ask for forgiveness. David knew how to worship God and that’s why God loved him. I heard somewhere that David was a lot of things. He was a murderer, an adulterer and once in while, irresponsible but at the end of the day, he was also a man after God’s own heart and God loved him. Hope you loved this post guys.

Peace and love,



Day 2 



My life in a few words

Hi guys,

I am so sorry. I am supposed to have started this challenge yesterday but I was so tired cos of exams and all so I just decided that I’ll start today. Today, I’m going to tell you guys about my life in about 250 words. Not sure how that’s going to happen but I’ll try. So here goes. 

I was born on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. It was around 2.30 pm on the 21st of November 1995. I was a chubby baby. I was so fat. I was the first child of my parents so I’m pretty sure before those little ones after me came, I was treated pretty special;like an egg. Don’t mind me, I’m still loved by my parents but you know how it is when you have younger ones. I have lived in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria for the greater part of my life. It’s been cool living there. My primary education was in Port-Harcourt. I moved to Ogun State for my secondary education and because my parents felt that I needed to learn Yoruba. I didn’t want to go to Bells. However, I’m glad I went there because I met some amazing people. Then I came over to England for my alevels and its been a nice journey so far. I love the people I’ve met. They have touched my life in different ways. I could never ask for better people. Anyway, there is nothing much to say about me because I’m pretty boring. I hope you guys loved this little story about my life. 

Not sure if this is up to 250 guys, but please accept it..




Book Talk; Best book I read last year

Hey guys,

So I’m just in the mood of writing something and since I’m suffering from writer’s block, I just feel like I should just keep writing anything until I’m cured of this terrible illness. So, I love reading guys. I love reading so much. I’m obsessed with reading. Reading takes me to like a different place;a different world. I decided to just be giving a book each week that has affected me in some way and/or my opinions on them and all. I know..I know…I always start stuff like this..Pls guys bear with me. 

Anyway, today I’m going to tell you the best book I read last year. So last year, I didn’t read many books. I think I only read about 6/7 books..not sure exactly but I know I didn’t read much. However, If I’m to pick out the best book I read last year, it’ll have to be ‘Girl, Missing’ .

This book was written by Sophie Mckenzie and I really loved this it. I thought it was superb. I thought it was awesome. When I went to waterstones, I wasn’t actually looking for this sort of book because I thought it might be a bit cliché. Seeing it, my first impression was that it was just another overrated book because I had heard so much about it but I just decided to give it a try. And it was absolutely amazing. It was thrilling, suspenseful and it kept me on edge. I was blown away by the writing and I just really liked everything about it. I don’t see myself buying the second book; not because of anything bad but because the first book had so much tension and I feel like if I read the second one, I might get upset with the suspense that one might carry and maybe not appreciate the book as much. However, I have to say that this book is a must-read. Sophie McKenzie is an amazing author and I applaud her.


Book-lover Dolly.


Music at its finest

Hey my beautiful readers,

I’m sure you guys are wondering…what does Dolly want to say again? Lol…’s nothing serious. I just wanted to share something beautiful with you guys. Okay, ya’ll know that I love music..I am obsessed with everything that has to do with music. As in..everything. I love instruments, voices, composers, transcribing…name it..I love Basically, this video above is like everything to me. It gives me the chills every time I watch it. I love everything about it. Lagbaja, to me is a true artist. This video is everything I love combined in one. The setting, Ego’s voice, the instrumental arrangement, the traditional clothes..I love it so much and I felt that I should share it with you guys. It’s been a long time since we heard from Lagbaja you know and I’m hoping that somehow he comes into the limelight again. 

Lol, sorry for disturbing your inboxes guys..but ya’ll know that it’s all out of love 



Dolly. X


Introducing the challenge

Hey ya’ll,
How you guys doing?. I am supposed to be studying ya’ll but I took time out to talk to you guys cos I have so much love for you guys. I haven’t blogged here in a while, like almost a month now and I feel so incomplete. I have been having exams and I haven’t been feeling really inspired of late so it’s been a bit difficult to write and stuff but do not fear…the goddess of blogging has struck me again with the power to blog. Lol..Okay that didn’t even make any sense. Anyway, I bring you all a message of good tidings (is that correct?)…Just this evening, I was like going through blogs and all cos I love reading like people’s work. It’s amazing that there are like so many good writers in this world. Shout out to my fellow bloggers…Heyyyyy! I digress…Lol. I was going through blogs and I stumbled upon a challenge, like a very interesting challenge…it’s a 31 day challenge..and it looked so interesting and I told myself, why not share? Was planning on starting next July..but July is too far men…So like the weirdo that I am, I decided to start at the middle of the month.. ๐ŸŽคPlease don’t judge me…I feel like it’s going to get me back into the blogging spirit and men that challenge looked really interesting..I won’t lie. I won’t provide a picture of it yh, I would just like surprise you guys๐Ÿ˜.(rizi don’t laugh). So this challenge is going to start on June 14th…the day I finish my exams….and I would try and do it everyday, if I can’t, I’ll make up for it. Hope you guys love it.

P.S. Akunna..I see you…๐Ÿ˜‹