Introducing the challenge

Hey ya’ll,
How you guys doing?. I am supposed to be studying ya’ll but I took time out to talk to you guys cos I have so much love for you guys. I haven’t blogged here in a while, like almost a month now and I feel so incomplete. I have been having exams and I haven’t been feeling really inspired of late so it’s been a bit difficult to write and stuff but do not fear…the goddess of blogging has struck me again with the power to blog. Lol..Okay that didn’t even make any sense. Anyway, I bring you all a message of good tidings (is that correct?)…Just this evening, I was like going through blogs and all cos I love reading like people’s work. It’s amazing that there are like so many good writers in this world. Shout out to my fellow bloggers…Heyyyyy! I digress…Lol. I was going through blogs and I stumbled upon a challenge, like a very interesting challenge…it’s a 31 day challenge..and it looked so interesting and I told myself, why not share? Was planning on starting next July..but July is too far men…So like the weirdo that I am, I decided to start at the middle of the month.. 🎤Please don’t judge me…I feel like it’s going to get me back into the blogging spirit and men that challenge looked really interesting..I won’t lie. I won’t provide a picture of it yh, I would just like surprise you guys😁.(rizi don’t laugh). So this challenge is going to start on June 14th…the day I finish my exams….and I would try and do it everyday, if I can’t, I’ll make up for it. Hope you guys love it.

P.S. Akunna..I see you…😋

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