David and Bathsheba

Hi my lovely readers,

I feel blessed and honoured to be writing for you guys again today. It always gives me so much joy. Anyway without much ado, I would go into the challenge for today. Today I am to educate you all on something that I know a lot about. Now, this one was very tricky for me. I know a lot of things but explaining them is difficult and I couldn’t really figure out what I should talk about. So, I decided to tell you guys about a Bible story that I know so well. I have known it since I was little and explaining it has always been easy. So this is what I’m going to tell you guys about today. It’s about a very famous King who made a mistake. I’m going to be saying it in my own words guys as its easier for me to explain. It’s a pretty interesting story so please sit back, relax and grab some popcorn. Hopefully, you’ll love it. 

There was a particular time of the year when Kings went out with their armies to fight but for some very weird reason, King David decided not to go. He decided to stay home and relax while his army went out to fight. So he was wandering about at the top of his beautiful palace and he could see into the house of his neighbours. As he was looking from his top balcony and just chilling, he looked into one of his neighbours house and he saw a beautiful woman going to bathe. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. I mean, who can resist that? Guys lets be honest, if you see a hot woman going to bathe, you won’t be able to resist looking would you? Lol..Back to the story. Anyway, he was just looking at this woman and watching her bathe and he decided that he was going to get this woman. (After all he is the king. he can get anyone he wants). So afterwards, he sent his servant to call the woman. Her name was Bathsheba. He called her in and he had sex with her. Afterwards, he sent her back home. (David, you sly fox). 

Anyway after a while, trouble came. Bathsheba sent word to King David explaining that she was pregnant. David knew that he was in some serious trouble. So, he hatched a perfect plan. He sent for Uriah. Uriah was Bathsheba’s husband. (Now, I just have to clarify that David knew that Bathsheba was Uriah’s wife). Uriah was a good man and he was sort of close to David. Anyway, when Uriah arrived, David told him to go home and relax with his wife and have sex with her. (Well, he probably wasn’t that direct, but you get the gist). Anyway, the next day, he found out that Uriah didn’t go home but slept in front of the palace. When David questioned him about why he didn’t go home, he said ‘The ark and the army of Israel and Judah are out there in tents. My master Joab and your special troops are camped in the open fields. How could I go to my house to eat and drink? How could I go there and make love to my wife? I could never do a thing like that. And that’s just as sure as you are alive!’ What a patriot! 

However, David still didn’t give up. The next day he invited Uriah to his palace and got him drunk so that Uriah could go home and make love to his wife but still in his drunken state, Uriah didn’t go home. So David knew that this plan definitely wasn’t going to work. So, he sent Uriah back to war with a note for his master, Joab. In the note, David instructed Joab to put Uriah at the war front so that Uriah would die. Imagine that. Uriah was carrying his death warrant in his hand and had no clue. Anyway, Joab made this happen and Uriah died. Afterwards, David married Bathsheba and moved her into his palace.

But God wasn’t done with him.

God sent is prophet Nathan to David. Nathan told David a story about two men;one rich, the other poor. The rich man had so many animals and cattle and so many sheep but the poor man had only one lamb that he loved so much. A time came when some visitors came to see the rich man and he held a party for them but instead of taking one of his own animals, he took the lamb of this poor man. David vexed. He asked Nathan who this man was so that he could kill him. And Nathan told him ‘It’s you, bruv’. Anyway, God said through Nathan that the baby wasn’t going to live for more than seven days. David covered himself with ashes. He didn’t eat or drink or listen to music throughout the week when the baby was sick. When the baby died at the end of the week, he put on his kingly robes and ate drank and listened to music and when his servants asked him ‘Oga sir, why is this so?’ He told them that while the baby was alive, he did all he could but now that the baby was dead, there wasn’t much that he could do about it.

So guys, that’s the end of this story. I like this story a lot because it teaches about responsibility and repentance. If David had gone to war;if he had just taken the responsibility and gone, all these wouldn’t have happened. Afterwards, when he realised that he was wrong, he went back to God to ask for forgiveness. David knew how to worship God and that’s why God loved him. I heard somewhere that David was a lot of things. He was a murderer, an adulterer and once in while, irresponsible but at the end of the day, he was also a man after God’s own heart and God loved him. Hope you loved this post guys.

Peace and love,



Day 2 



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