Hey blovers,

Hope you all rose up well this morning. Anyway, we are on day 5 on this challenge and so far so good. Today’s challenge is going to be a little bit different. I have to profess my love for one of my blogger friends and why I love the person. I cannot believe I am going to do this but for the sake of this challenge, I am going to. So sit back, relax and watch how I show my love to this wonderful person.

So my favourite blogger friend goes by many aliases; You can call her Aku, Kunarr or even A. I was looking at one of her social network pages one day and I saw that she had a wordpress blog and seeing that I am a sucker for writers and their blogs, I went to have a look. It was beautiful. She literally spoke to my soul. I read all her posts to the very end. She made me feel like I sucked at being a writer. That was how good she was. I found out from her very first post that she had an old blog before and I went to take a look at that one as well and I loved it. It was exceptional. I started following her blog- because you can’t just read her blog and not follow it – and with every post she kept on inspiring me. She makes me want to be a better writer. I think what I really like about her blog and the way she writes is her ability to connect emotions with words flawlessly. She truly is amazing. To be honest, her blog is nothing like her. She is such a happy child and she encourages me to keep on smiling. She is just as amazing as her blog is and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Anyway, to read Kuna’s amazing blog, go to http://www.myinsecuritiesandco.wordpress.com and make sure you guys follow it as well.

Lol. Guys, can you see the things that this challenge makes me write? Anyway I signed up for it so I have no reason to complain. To Akunna, hey the challenge made me do it. Lol.

Peace and love,



Day 5

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