I have fears too

Hi my beautiful blovers,

Today is another day of this challenge. Today is day 7. I know I’m a bit slow with this challenge and I’m so sorry about that. The reason why I’m slow is that I’m trying to take my time and actually think about what I write before I write it. I don’t want to write rubbish and get tired of this challenge too quickly. At the same time, I don’t want you guys to get bored as well so I’m just taking my time but like I’m said, I’m going to complete this challenge so do not fear.lol. Today, I’m to tell you guys about my fears. At first, I didn’t want to talk about my fears. I was just going to write something really random like ‘I’m afraid of rats’ and stuff. However, today I felt like having fears is also part of what makes us human beings and what makes us real. I just felt like if I say a bit about my fears, someone might be able to relate to it and maybe somehow I would help someone. So I’ll just write a bit about it. 

So, I have many fears; many, many fears but my biggest fear is that I won’t find love and have a beautiful family and I won’t have a bright future. It might seem like a funny fear but trust me, it ain’t funny to me. It’s like a scary thought that I would never have that wonderful feeling. I’m afraid that I won’t get to marry a man that I love and loves me in return. I’m afraid that I won have those children that I so badly want to have and I won’t be that successful journalist that I so dream of becoming. I hate thinking about these fears because it really brings down my mood. When I tell people, that I’m afraid of these things, their reflex is to laugh. I don’t blame them, it does seem funny but it’s because people don’t know how badly I want it. I want these things so much that I’m afraid that it won’t happen for me. People say ‘don’t worry, you will find love’ but as much as people tell me these things, I still can’t help but being scared. Apart from that, I feel like I’m not working hard enough to achieve these things that I want to achieve and so it worries me and sometimes it makes me feel down and depressed.

However, I always remember that ‘God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear’. So I really try not to be so worried. The song I put up there is called ‘Carry on’. It’s a song by Fun. I love fun. so much. They are like my favourite boy band out there right now. I wasn’t able to put their own original version but I found Jake Coco’s own. Jake Coco is an amazing singer. I always watch his videos on YouTube and he is absolutely amazing. I put this song because it really encourages me to ‘carry on’ so to speak. It tells me that there might be hiccups along the way but eventually I would get there. So guys, listen to it and enjoy it.

Hope you guys loved this post. I enjoyed writing it for you guys and it makes me feel good for sharing it. 

P.S. You can check out Jake Coco’s channel on YouTube. His YouTube channel is simply: Jake Coco. I’m sure you guys would absolutely love him. 

Peace and love,



Day 7


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