A note to you

My dear blovers,
I’m sorry I have taken time to write. This note sort of explains it. It’s been a crazy summer for me. I went through a roller coaster of emotions. Explaining all the hurt I’ve gone through this summer already is not something we can sit down and talk about for less than a day. I lost the urge to do something I love the most in my life and that is writing. I felt everyday that I should write something but then I won’t know what to write or how to start writing it. I lost all inspiration and all willingness to do something I love.
Right now, on this rainy day in July, I am just sitting down thinking about my life and thinking of how far I have come and how far I’m going to go. I am also starting to realise that in this world, you need to be tough if not, you’ll be dragged down. I am starting to realise that we win some and we lose some and I am starting to realise that imperfection defines who we are. It’s hard getting over the hurt I feel in my heart. I am only writing this note to remind myself that there is something to look forward to. I am fighting a war with my biggest enemy and that is myself and when I feel comfortable writing or get my inspiration back, I’ll write. They say ‘time healeth all wounds’ so I’m waiting for mine to be healed. Thanks for reading guys.

Written 30th July 2013


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