That’s when I knew

by dolly21

It wasn’t the electricity
Because I felt it
But you didn’t
It wasn’t the kiss
Because it was heavenly
But for you, it was just a kiss
It wasn’t your touch
Because the hair on my skin rose
But you didn’t feel it
It wasn’t that smile
Because smiles can be deceiving
It wasn’t your eyes
Because your eyes say things that hurt
It wasn’t physical
Because all aspects of the physical
Will eventually fade away
It was beyond it all
All of these didn’t let me know the truth I denied
I knew when you were all I cared about
I knew when your happiness was my priority
I knew when I cared about you more than me
I knew when I didn’t care if you were with me
So far as you were happy
Did it hurt when you mentioned her name?
A lot but I didn’t mind so far as she put a smile on your face
And I appreciated her for it.
Being ready to make you happy
All the time
Was when I knew I was in love