Time Waits Not

Hey blovers,
So I woke up early this morning to an email I received from one of the blogs I read. The owner of the blog is a Dominican guy I think and I like reading the things he writes because he is in his 30’s, religious and he writes based on experiences and visions for the future.
Anyway, he posted something today that literally touched my heart. He wrote about how he had spoken to his cousin on Tuesday evening. They had spoken about going on like a weekend retreat and he was looking forward to it. However, early on Wednesday morning, he received the tragic news that his cousin had passed; the very same cousin that he had spoken to the night before. I felt sad for him and I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to lose someone so abruptly without any form of warning as if losing someone wasn’t enough. I started to think of how the other guy was making plans with his cousin not knowing he was going to die so soon. Made me realise that we, as humans are very oblivious as to what is going to happen in the very next second. Only God knows tomorrow.
As such, we need to keep those we love so much very close to us and live everyday like its our last. We need the grace of God because His grace alone can assure us of a bright tomorrow. All the money in the world cannot buy time and we would not carry the material stuff we have gained here to the grave. So, we all need to realise that we are God’s special angels whom He sent to earth to make Him proud and the life he gave us is borrowed. We have to make the best of it because time is short. I am no expert. As I am speaking to you, I am also speaking to myself because I know that I need to also learn to make the best use of our time. So guys, we have a race to run. God expects us to be winners at the end. Let us run this race with pride, patience, faith, hope and above all, Love.

A link to Jay’s post: http://startwithjay.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/when-later-turns-into-never/


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