Embarrassing moment – Funny Story

by dolly21

Hi guys,

So today is Day 10 of the challenge and I am to spill my most embarrassing moment. Lol. Really? I am supposed to portray myself as a silly nilly as if you guys didn’t see me as worse already. Lool. Anyway if you know me well, you will know that I get embarrassed a lot because I am clumsy like that. It’s not even intentional but I get embarrassed like so much, it’s not even cute. There are so many moments, I can’t even remember them because there are too embarrassing that I don’t want to remember them but I dug and dug deep into my memory for one for you guys and I got it so, here goes…

So, when I was in secondary school, yh, I wasn’t the coolest chick. Being cool was like being close to seniors and shit and I was more in tune with my mates and seniors didn’t really dig my style, lol, so I wasn’t really close to many of them. The senior guys especially were like terrifying sort of; not terrifying but you dare not cross their path or mess with them so you can imagine that I was shy of them. There was this particular senior guy that everyone was afraid of because basically he was a bad boy. And it so happens, that he was my school mama’s boyfriend. 

However, I made up my mind that no matter what, I was not going to cross this guy’s path. I was going to make sure he didn’t even know I existed. Yh well, lets just say that prayer didn’t exactly leave the room. So, like most nigerian boarding schools, my school didn’t let us bring in provisions or even cash but some people snuck them in anyway. But, you could imagine that if the opportunity came to get some goodies, people will be excited. Well, there was some sort of sports day for the primary school and so the ice cream truck came in and a senior girl sent me to get her like 3. So I went, as a good junior girl, got her the ice cream and I was walking back to give them back to her. So, I’m walking and I’m walking and I see this group of senior guys. I was just going to hide my face and keep walking. But someone thought that was a bad idea.

This guy – that I said I was never going to cross his path – walked towards me, grabbed her favourite one from my hand and walked back to his boys. So, I am just standing there because I am shocked and because I want to believe that he is just joking. So I am smiling like a fool. Not saying anything but waiting for this ‘person’ to give me back the ice cream. And it’s not like the senior that sent me was the nicest one around. So I’m waiting and waiting and this guy refuses to give me back. His guys are like telling him ‘Guy, give this girl back’ and he isn’t even answering them. So one of them asks me ‘Who sent you?’ And I say ‘(name withdrawn)’ and they are like ‘Ahhhh….Guy give this girl back. The babe will kill her if she doesn’t bring it back.’ My guy refuses oh. In fact his anger is aggravated that his mates were telling him to give me back. So you won’t believe what this guy did. He opened it and stepped on it. If he had eaten it, it would have hurt less because ill be like ‘this guy is just hungry’ but he didn’t. So in my mind, I’m like ‘someone definitely sent this guy to me.’ 

His friends are alarmed as well and so one of them just tells me. ‘You know what, just go. Sorry ehn.’ Oh my Gosh!. I just start crying because I don’t know what to do and I don’t have any cash to even go back and buy another one. I am so upset at this point, I go to her room, still crying, hoping to give her some kind of explanation. But she isn’t there. So I just drop the remaining ice creams on her bed, forgetting that ice cream melts and it would wet her bed. But, I am like really upset over the last ice cream that this guy destroyed. Anyway, I go around looking for her and looking for a way to get cash but I don’t get. So, one of her girl mates sees me crying and she asks what is wrong. I tell her and she’s like ‘Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her. So I feel better.

The next day, however, the girls in her house are having a meeting in my class and I sort of walk in to get something from my desk and then she turns on me and she’s like ‘What happened yesterday?’ And I start smiling like a fool because that is how I can deal with the situation. So I kind of start talking ‘Well…Senior (name withdrawn).., It was this guy…’ And she interrupts me and starts saying ‘I do not know what is going on between you and (name withdrawn)….that you gave him my ice cream. I don’t know if he is your boyfriend or something…’ And at this point, I am smiling more because I am embarrassed and because I am upset. She knows he ain’t my boyfriend so in my mind, I’m like ‘Whatchu talking bout, Willis? You know he ain’t my boyfriend and why would I give him your ice cream anyway?’..Anyway she continues…’..and to top it, you kept the ice cream on my bed and it got wet so now when people sit on my bed, they ask me if I had an accident on the bed which is not cool..and just get out..’ So everyone starts laughing at me. I feel so embarrassed and I get teary eyed and I feel like removing her eyes but she’ll remove mine before I even get close to hers. Lol..

Anyway it’s been so long that this happened…like 6/7 years but it’s still annoying..Lool. So guys, hope you loved this one. this is a true story. Things I do for this challenge. Lol.