I miss….

Hi guys,

So today is day 12. I am just glad to be moving forward in this challenge. Today, I am supposed to talk about something I miss so sit back, relax and read.

So I have spoken about this like so much and you would think my answer would change about it but it still hasn’t. I have always been a big music person. I was born into it. I don’t mean like my parents were artists or anything but from an early age, I have just been into it. My dad always played the key board in the morning and I remember having a teacher teaching me ‘do re mi’ before I really knew my ‘a b c’s’. I went to music school when I was about 6 years old and was there for about 3 years before I went to secondary school. I took it for granted. I loved playing music but my teacher was like really tough. Going into secondary school, I was sort of drawn to music, maybe because what I was been taught in the first year, I already knew. So I kind if identified with it.

I was close to my music teacher. He was like my guardian. I started playing for the band. Might seem lame but I assure you guys, it was like one of the coolest things ever. The coolest people were in the band. All the head boys that passed through my school were members of the band. The guys that I was afraid of were in the band. Some of the senior girls were there as well. It was amazing. However, my teacher was tough but he got results. His toughness made the band amazing. Rehearsals could go far into the night. Being a part of that drained my energy especially because we had to juggle school work and music work. I will not lie. As much as I loved being a part of the band, I also hated it as much. My teacher was an amazing man. He knew his music but he could say the meanest things but it was to get the best out of us. However, I didn’t understand that so instead of being motivated, I felt put-down.

I played clarinet but I wasn’t the best because I really didn’t want to be. It was too much pressure and I didn’t have time to practise as much. I took it for granted. I was someone that could give the life history of Handel straight from my head but along the way, I lost it. I lost my ability to play any of the instruments I learned. I still know some minor things but I am not as good as I want to be. I have lost everything and it sucks to me because I feel like I have lost a greater part of my life and I miss it and I am working on getting my abilities back. I miss being able to rehearse and I just miss it. 

So basically, story of my life. 




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