An apology letter to my future soulmate

Day 13 guys. Whooooo!!!!!!!Lol.. This challenge should have been done like ages ago but whatever. So anyway, today I am supposed to issue a public apology to whoever so being the emotional nut that I am, I decided to write one to the man that would be lucky enough to have me and vice versa.

Hi honey, baby, lover, sugar, darling, love of my life, bobo to shan,

Lol. I don’t know which one you would like because I haven’t met you yet so I just gave a variety of names. The fact that I am going to marry you or I am married to you must mean that I saw something special in you and I must have thought things through. You know me well and you know that I can be very silly and act on impulse without thinking but there are matters such as marriage that I take very seriously and I have to think and think and be at least 95 per cent sure before I jump into it. I say 95 per cent because honestly, no one can ever be too sure and I like to see that extra 5 per cent as a sacrifice that I am willing to give. Therefore, the fact that I sacrificed my 5 per cent of uncertainty must mean that I love you more than you know.

Thinking in advance, I feel you must have been crazy picking me as your girl for life. I say this because I know how much of a handful I can be. I come with a lot of complaints, a lot of tears and a maze of emotions. I can be smiling one minute and the next, I am gazing into thin air with tears in my eyes. However, I am really hoping that its not as bad in the future as I am imagining in my head. I know, that sometimes in your head, you may feel like I am too much but you choose to stay because you love me.

I am therefore apologising for my behaviour. I am apologising for the fact that I use past experiences to judge who you truly are to me. I am sorry that I try to push you away over and over again when I know in my heart of hearts that you are not going anywhere. I am sorry that I bore you with complaints of nothing in particular.

I am sorry that you hate the music on my phone but I still insist on playing it out loud without a care in the world. I am sorry that I don’t know how to take the best pictures but you still smile and put them on whatever social networks is the ‘thing’ then. I am sorry that I can be so slow at cooking but I am hoping to change that..Lol. I am sorry that I never let you watch the movies you choose. I am sorry that you get to sit through a Bruno Mars concert with me when you don’t like him as much. (Well I am seriously hoping that I am wrong about this one and that you do like him). I am sorry for the times I yell at you during those certain times when I’m having hormonal issues when you don’t deserve it at all.

However, you know I love you more than anything in the world and in another life, I’ll pick you over and over again. Thank you for your love and your understanding everyday and I am hoping that we will face the trials and tribulations of life together with our heads held high.

I love you bubba, cupcake, chocolate pumpkin, sugar banana, My man……in the future. Hahaha.

There you have it guys. Its a little cheesy I know but I hope you guys can accept it and love it the way I do..teeheeheee




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