My pills of happiness

Hey guyssssssssssssssssss,

How are ya’ll doing today? Anyway, ya’ll know that I’m back with today’s challenge so let’s get to it. Today, I am supposed to tell you guys about ten things that make me happy. Lol..I know you guys probably couldn’t care less but please just bear with me. The challenge made me do it.

1. God: I mean, the King of Kings has a way of making me smile. When I remember all that God has done for me, it kind of makes me feel better about everything. I mean, it isn’t by my will but His that I get to wake up every morning hale and hearty so, God is one of the major factors of my happiness.

2. Music: Like you didn’t know already, Lol. I love music. Music makes me smile. I love that there is music for like every mood. I just love listening to music all the time. Everyone who knows me knows that I could be very selfish with my ear phones because that is my tool. The instrument that I use to listen to my music so yes, Music definitely makes me really happy.

3. Blogging: I really really love blogging. Since I started it last year, it has just opened up a new side of me that I never really though existed. I just love the fact that I can come up with stuff and I can just write for people and feel good about it. Blogging is amazing. I just love it.

4. Books: Hayyyy…I am working on having a large personal library. I love books. When I step into Waterstones – which is my favourite book store – I inhale the smell of the books first. That place is like paradise. I just love reading books. I am not the type to buy like e-books. Nahh men..That ain’t my style. I love owning my own books like the hard copy. Books are just really awesome.

5. Being surrounded with positivity: I love being around people that get me and are positive. I could be very negative sometimes, so its good to have people around me that could bring out the positive side of me.

6. Being confided in: I love when people confide in me. It makes me feel special and appreciated. I just love being there for people and being trusted. It brings me closer to people and that just feels great.

7. Going to the movies: I love going to the cinema to watch movies. That is one of my favourite past times. I would do it every weekend if I could. Lol. I love going with people as well because going to the movies alone ain’t cool but anyway its just a fun activity for me.

8. Watching TV shows: Tv shoes are the best especially the ones I watch; Drop dead diva, White collar, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Braxton Family Values, America’s next top model, The Big Bang Theory..Wowww..That is quite a few. Lol. sometimes I even go back to watch some old shows that have ended. Like, earlier this year, I went to watch Charmed that’s started in ’98 and ended in ’06. Now, I’m watching 24. Well what can I say?

9. Dreaming: I actually like dreaming. Haha. I like dreaming when I sleep because some of the best things only happens in dreams. I don’t like the bad ones though..who does? but the good ones are really really special.

10. Making others happy: I love making people happy. Seeing a smile on another person’s face because of something I have done for them literally melts my heart. I just love people giving me a chance to do that. A smile is really priceless.

And I know..that I’m done with my 10 but I just had to add a bonus. Another thing that makes me happy is…yh you guessed it..BRUNO MARS!! Yayyy…Lol..Bruno Mars really makes me happy. I cant even explain the smile that Bruno Mars puts on my face. Watching him is amazing. Listening to his music is a blessing. I just love, love, love him.

Done, done. I am so silly..Lol…Please guys..just manage this. Kisses.




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