Hi guys,
Today has been a stressful..well yesterday because its morning already. Anyway, lately I have been having a tough time. I cant even lie about it. I have been stressed out of my mind. The truth is lately, I don’t cry anymore; I mean I do but not as much anymore. I just talk out loud to God or I laugh out loud. Sometimes, it seems I’m going crazy. Today, (or yesterday), I was in the train and I was listening to music on my phone. It was on shuffle so I was just listening to whatever came on.

This song came on and I have had it on my phone for like the longest time. I have listened to it thousands of times but it didn’t make as much sense to me as it did today. I had been trying to block out everything that I had been going through and listening to this song just reminded me of all I was feeling.

I had forgotten that I was stressed. I had forgotten that I was going through a lot in my head. I refused to believe that I needed to sort of just let go and let God. So when I listened to it, it was like my subconscious was crying out for help and this song made me believe that God was still there for me. I am just trying to let it all out.

Guys, just enjoy this song. It is special and it shows an awesome side of God as not just Creator of all but a gentle friend and father.




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