Letting it out

by dolly21

Hey fellow humans,

Ayayayai, I have so many things I want to talk about right now. I am not in the best of moods about these issues. I am just really really upset about them to be very honest and I feel so much anger in my heart. I feel so emotional about them and before I bore you with my feelings, lets get to them.

Okay, so about an hour ago, I saw a video about Senator Yerima, Stella Damascus and some others arguing on Al-jazeera about this ‘Child not Bride’ situation. Now, since the first day I heard about this crazed idea, I was not in support of it at all. However, I was still trying to process why Senator Yerima will think this is right. Today, however I was just fired up with so much anger. Up until today, I never actually thought that this ‘man’ would have slept with this girl. I actually thought that he wouldn’t stoop that low. Today, when I heard him open his mouth filled with filth and say that he got this girl pregnant at the age of fifteen, I was infuriated. How do you get a girl pregnant at 15? A girl old enough to be your granddaughter? Oh my dayss…I am still shaken by this. Nothing can justify this. The girl will soon be 18 years old and I just keep thinking that it could be me in that position. It could be my friend or my sisters. The visuals of this old man climbing on top of that girl..Lord..I am just filled with disgust. I am so upset about this whole situation.

Secondly, I have a problem with forced marriage. This sort of has to do with the first one. This one kind of hits me a bit more personally. Okay, what I have to say may sound a bit crazy but please just carry on reading. So, some days ago, I had a bad dream sort of. I dreamt about being forced into marriage with my uncle. What hurt the most was the fact that no one was standing by my side..no one at all. Everyone was trying to get me into this marriage and I was literally fighting with everything in me. It felt so real guys. I was upset, annoyed, disgusted. I was NOT going to be treated in that manner. No one was going to force me into marriage, That was how I felt.

When I woke up, I was like ‘How do people go through this?’ Personally, I felt like I had a voice for myself and I was able to withstand any pressure from anybody. Then, I remembered that there are so many kids my age; some younger than me who have no one to speak for them and they are just being forced into marriage. They can do absolutely nothing about it. Some of them die during childbirth because they cannot handle it. I hate the idea that I cannot do anything about it. I am only doing what I know best which is writing. I am hoping that God gives me the grace to handle this in the future.

I am done with letting it spill… .Com



Emotionally-ridden Dolly.