They say the best things in life sneak up on you

They take you by surprise

They come at a time when you aren’t paying attention

And at a time when my guard was down

You caught me unawares, Mr.May.

There was just something about you

That I couldn’t read

And not being able to read you

Was a problem.

I just had to know how I could get a ‘tell’

From someone that didn’t seem to give much away.

I had been trying to master that look

That felt like you could see much more than others.

That smile that could either make you laugh, cry or wonder

I chose to wonder

On how it was possible for a smile to look

So daunting and yet gentle.

That walk; with so much dignity and class

It was crazy yet attractive.

I was Alice being drawn in the hole

I just had to know

As I went deeper and deeper

I found myself wondering

Would it be so bad if he took a second look?

Would it be so bad if I called him mine?

Would it be so bad if Mysterious May looked at me

With eyes filled with love and passion?

And then I wondered

If I would feel the same way if the mystery were solved

Was I only drawn because of the aura of enigma around him?

And then I realised that I was basically – pardon my language- fucked

Because it wasn’t just the mystery…

There was more..

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