A typical summer’s day

Lovely morning guys,

Its day 15 ya’ll. It has taken me long to write on this particular challenge. Its cause this challenge was particularly a bit more difficult to accomplish than the rest. When I mention it, It mention it, it might not sound as difficult but, trust me, it was harder than it might sound. So, basically, I was to take photos of my typical day. To be honest, I tried but I couldn’t get that done. First of all, I was too lazy to do that and secondly, most of my summer has been indoors and I am not so confident with you guys seeing me in my comfort zone cause my comfort zone ain’t so pretty.Lol. So I decided to give just highlights of my day, instead of pictures. Well, its just 3am today, Sept 10..so i’ll give the highlights of yesterday, sept 9. Read on, guys. Merci.

! So I woke up this morning by 10 am or so. To be honest, I kept tossing and turning. I kept on waking up but I refused to get up because I wasn’t ready to face the worries of the day. Eventually, I decided to get up by 10.

! Washed dishes afterwards. Then, after looking at Linda Ikeji’s blog and twitter, I just watching TV. 

! Wanted to cook me some food but the kitchen was being used so I just ate some cereal. Then, later after a while, I cooked what I wanted to eat.

! Before I ate, I started sorting out some stuff for my school and thankfully, I sort of got it handled. 

! Afterwards, I watched more TV. Then, I went to take a shower.

! I felt tired after I took the shower so I slept off. When I woke up, it was to another stressful phone call. Won’t give the deets on that however. I was just really stressed after and I almost broke down but I refused to. So I just drank a cup of tea and watched Braxton Family values.

! I felt better after the tea. I have found out that a cup of tea can make you feel better about things. Its like releasing stress fumes through feeling the steam of the hot boiling water. Anyway, decided to finish season 4 of Braxton Family Values since I don’t really have much to do.

! When I finished at about 11 pm, I warmed my food and I decided to eat it while starting the TV show, Revenge. I have heard wonderful things about it and since well, all my shows are on a break, I decided to watch it.

! And into the morning of the next day, I am still watching it and I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up late  to begin the same cycle. *sigh*. Hopefully, I will start the day with less stress than the day before.

Typical day. 





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