My Lot

by dolly21


Hey guys,

Day 16 today. I have been avoiding this particular post for a long time and that’s why it took me so long to write it. So, today I am supposed to talk about the difficulties of my ‘lot in life’ and how I am working to overcome them. Please read on.

I am barely an adult but yet I can say that I have gone through and seen a lot in my life. I try to hold all my issues in and not share it with others because of two reasons:

1. I don’t want want anyone telling me that my problem ain’t a problem. I mean, I know that many people go through worse situations than I do but I don’t want anyone telling me that. This is because at that particular time, it is a problem to me and if you were in my shoes, you will see it as a problem too.

2. I don’t want anyone judging me so sometimes I just prefer to keep things to myself.

I used to be someone that always showed my weakness to the whole world but as I have become older, I have learnt that some people could care less about your issues and many just want to know your business so I have learnt to portray strength. Its hard sometimes but its good.

I won’t say my life is the easiest one but I appreciate it because I believe that whenever tough situations are shoved my way, it means that God really believes that I have the strength to make it through. So it makes me feel good that God trusts me enough to handle it because He will never give us something that we can’t handle.

I have also learnt that it is better to focus and be grateful for the things that you got rather than being sad and depressed over the things you don’t have. So, sometimes my end may not seem as rosy but Its all part of growth, so I appreciate the good times as well as the bad.