Phenomenal Woman

Hi everyone,

Right now, I am in a really good mood. A bit sleepy but in a good mood. These are one of those times when I feel really blessed and I thank God for his favour and mercies. I don’t really feel like this often so I am basking in the positive energy that I feel right now. Anyway today is day 17 of this challenge that I have been on since forever and I am to show you guys a favourite picture of myself and why. So, brace yourselves 😀 Image

As of right now guys, I have to say that this is my favourite picture of myself. In fact, when I saw what today’s challenge was, I knew that this was the picture that I was going to pick. My friend took this picture of me when I went for her nephew’s naming ceremony or ‘our nephew’ as we call him. She handed me a scarf because we were going to pray and so I just sort of tied it this way (although I didn’t wear it like that for the prayer session) and if you notice I have a piece of my braid tied up with it which I didn’t even realise until after. I was wearing my big cousin’s dress because the bigger dress I wanted to wear didn’t seem appropriate to her. Lol. And my friends and I were sitting at the balcony just gisting while we left the sitting room for the adults. We chilled here before the ceremony started. So, my friend took this picture and I thought it was awesome and then I made it black and white and I was like ‘DAMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, I LOOK GOOD’ LOL.

Now, I love this picture for so many reasons. I have always battled with self esteem issues. It has always been a problem for me and I hate it because having a low self esteem makes you look weak and it reduces your confidence. It is a terrible terrible disease and I always have issues with telling myself that I am beautiful. However, this picture tells a whole different story to me. I look at this picture and I say to myself ‘This is a beautiful African woman’.

I feel really beautiful in this picture, I look confident and I look strong. This picture doesn’t display weakness in anyway, I feel like I am the true daughter of all these famous black women like Miriam Makeba and Maya Angelou and of course, my mother :D. This picture makes me feel like I can conquer the world. It might not make sense that I am making such a big deal out of a picture. I don’t really expect anyone to understand how I really feel about it. Its just so amazing to me that at the click of that camera, a flash of strength showed. This sort of strength does not rear its head for me so often. It just made me realise that I have it in me, I have it in me to change the world in my own way.

This picture shows hope and strength for me. You guys might not see it but that’s how it looks to me. One of these days, I will go out and blow it up and keep it in a place where I can see it so that I can always remind myself how great I am. In the words of Aibileen (The Help), I’ll keep telling myself:

You is Kind

You is Smart

You is Important.

And in my own words:

You is Strong

You is Great

You is Beautiful.

Thanks for reading guys. You lot always put a smile on my face.




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