by dolly21

Just you…
I don’t know how you found your way
Or who guided you
Or who led you
But I’m glad you came
To heal me
To put a smile on my face
To bring out a side of me that I didn’t know existed

Just youu…
I don’t know how you saw me
Or who showed you
Or who made you turn my way
But I am glad you looked at me
And showed me joy
And showed me peace
And showed me that there was more to life than I thought

Just youuu…
Are special just the way you are
The way you smile
And your humour
And the way you look at me
Melts my heart everyday.
There is more to you
There is something special there that just pulls me in
And I am enjoying it.

I am taking it
One day at a time
Could be one more night
Or one more hour
Or one more day
Or one more month
Or one more year
Or ten more years
Only God knows
But I am enjoying it
And I am loving it
And I want it to go as far as it possibly can

Just youuuu…
Are a dream come true