Things I learned in 2013 (New Year’s Eve)

This year has been such a crazy one. I look back and I cannot believe how much has gone on this year like for real. I started this year and I was still in an A-level college and I am ending as a first year undergrad student. That,to me is crazy.

When I started this year, I was not sure of how things would go or how my life would turn out. At the start of it, I was so scared that I would not get into uni because a-levels was driving me crazy like for real. I could not think straight because I had lost all hope but hey, God showed me that He has plans for me and uni is in those plans and I would go to uni.

I also didn’t know that I would meet someone that I would love so much. I was hoping I would meet someone amazing but I wasn’t thinking it was going to happen soon and this year, let alone. I remember tweeting this months ago:

And guess what? I met someone amazing a few weeks after I tweeted that.

So, basically this year showed me both good times and bad times. I experienced some of the worst shit ever. I did not think that I was going to make it through some of the stuff that I went through. I am favoured to be here, to be alive and I mean I am so grateful to God and grateful to those that were by my side.

Anyway I just thought I’d list some of the stuff that I learnt this year. I mean, I am taking them into 2014. I am still learning them, you know so it’s not like I might not still forget them but I am just glad that I have seen them for myself and by His grace and mercy, I would always remember them and practice them. So here they are.

1. Some of the best things in life really happen when you are not paying attention. I had heard this somewhere but I didn’t think it could happen to me and meeting my teddy robskins is something I really didn’t expect to happen and at the moment, I don’t know how far it would go. I have mentioned this before anyway but it’s always important to me that I say it. However, I am hoping for the very best. Meeting him has been a gift that I do not handle lightly.

2. Trust but don’t trust It’s good to trust people. There are people that I have trusted for many years that have never disappointed me. However, there are some that have just made me wonder whether I need enemies with friends like them. So, truth is it’s nice to trust but watch who you trust. Hope for the best but expect the worst.

3. You know you are in love when you care more about the other person than you care about yourself I guess this goes without saying. People interpret love differently and this is the way I interpret mine. I truly believe that this is one way of knowing when you are in love with someone. You don’t think about yourself anymore. You think about the other person and what you can give and not what you can take.

4. Depending on others is nice but you must also learn to depend on yourself I learnt this one the hard way. In fact, this is one that I just learnt recently. When you over-depend on people, they could disappoint yourself. You should learn how to take care of yourself in every aspect of your being. I’m not saying don’t depend on others. No man is an island and needs others but you should also be prepared for disappointment.

5. Friends❤️ Unless you have true friends, like I do, you would not understand that friends are amazing. This year, my true friends were there for me when others turned their backs. They showed their love for me and I cannot even explain how grateful I am to them. You don’t need to have many friends, just have a few that you can trust.

6. Be still and know that He is God This is from Psalms 46:10 in the Bible. This is a verse that has always been in my heart and my mind. In fact, to be very honest with you all, I did not know the verse it came from, I just googled it. I have always known it but I wasn’t sure where it was from. This year, this verse came to life in my life. Even though, my religious and spiritual life is in a mess right now, I have to say that God still didn’t leave me. He was there through it all and He showed me that He is God. He blessed me beyond measure this year despite the fact that I have really offended Him this year. I just want to say that, people will come and go but God will always be there. Please never ever forget that. He is a friend, father, lover, master…He is everything.

These were my life lessons this year and I am taking it into 2014. I started this blog this year and it has been a place of letting it all out. For all those that have taken their time to read my blog this year, you have no idea how much you have blessed my life. I am forever grateful to everyone. This blog is everything to me and to know that people read, comment,’s just a blessing and it makes me happy. I have made friends from this blog that I know I would have for life. I am really and truly blessed. May God bless all of you and your families and 2014 will be a blessed year for all us in The Lord’s name.


Lol….That’s a Happy New Year from me to ya’ll. I love you all…😘

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Wing It!

I have been really inspired lately. I have been inspired greatly. I haven’t exactly started writing stuff but my mind is open to all sorts of ideas.

Last week, Beyoncé dropped her latest album without any sort of promo or prior warning. I am not a Beyoncé fan right. I mean, I know I like some of her songs and I know that she’s an amazing performer but I hadn’t really been a fan. However, I have to say that when I saw that she had just dropped an album secretly, I was just in awe of her.

Anyway, it wasn’t just how she dropped her album but also what was in it. I haven’t heard all the songs or seen all the videos but the ones I have seen and heard just showed a different side of her. I mean, it was the same Beyoncé but it was just different. She was just open. More open than the world has ever seen her.

That kind of inspired me to be a bit more open with myself because it will free me up a little bit. So I want to try to be open and free about myself  and about who I am.

Lately, I have been in an almost happy place in my life. The reason for this is that I am in loveeeee. Lol. I am not one to say things like this out loud but I searched my heart well enough and I found out that I am in love. Lol.

Now see, I am a romantic at heart. I mean, I don’t like Romeo and Juliet or Titanic but I mean I still appreciate love anyway. Child, love is beautiful.

I have liked before. I have been in relationships that I genuinely thought would lead me to the altar and I wasn’t even an adult yet. However, this lovee feeling I have been experiencing is so different because I am not even thinking about myself. I am thinking about ‘my sugar daddy’. Lol.

I am not thinking of what I will get from him. I am thinking of what I can give to him. A second away from him is like a day away from him. He is my motivation and he brings my true self out. I haven’t ever felt as free as I am when I am with him.

Now, my honeys, listen…I’ll tell you this, I am taking this one step at a time. I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I can tell you what I feel for him but I can’t tell you what he feels for me is more or less because I ain’t in his mind. I can’t tell you how far we will go. No one knows what will happen the next second. I give everything because that is just who I am. Whatever happens, happens and that has been my motto.

I am hoping for the very best but I am expecting that the end result mind not be good. I don’t want to think about that though..Lol. It is LIFE. LIVE IT! BE FREE! BE HAPPY! GET RID OF THE NEGATIVE ENERGY! Lol.

Keke Palmer kept a picture on her instagram yesterday that really inspired me to write this post. The picture reads:

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.

We all have an image in our head of how love should be or how friendship should be or how marriage should be or how life should be. Child, that is the cause of most of our problems. Having that image limits you. Don’t put an image in your head. Create an image for yourself. When people look at what I have with my sugar daddy. They may not see it as normal but sweetie, what is normal?

She also wrote something under the picture which I am going to quote fully because I think all bits of it are important. She said:

Live your life freely. We will experience perfection in Heaven. Be a good person. Have good intentions but do not worry yourself with the ideas and boundaries the world sets around you. God does not expect us to be anything more than human and our inadequacies only bring us closer to him. He expects us to fall and encourages our experiences because they help us understand. Being a follower of Christ does not mean shaming yourself and trying to do everything ‘right’. What is ‘right’? I’m learning this. You create your own story and if YOU are okay with it, that is ALL that matters. You must follow your own path no matter how difficult, God is beside you. Just live and love. Live outside the limits of your mind and hold on in faith to the final destination of everlasting life.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I won’t lie to you, I still struggle with personal happiness and some days are really bad for me but hey, I’m trying. Do it guys. This world that God created for us is too beautiful to leave without exploring. Be who you want to be because God put that image in you.

Child…I have spoken for so longggg. I can’t even believe myself. I have run around in circles in some parts but it is how I genuinely feel at the moment.

Oh, before I get off you guy’s screens, I wanted to tell you all that I want to start another challenge soon where I will be more open. You guys know how I am with challenges..I never finish them but its worth a try at least. Keeps me going.

Thanks for all the time you have taken to read this. I am so thankful.

Much love from me always.





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Low-end writer


its been a while my blogger folks. I haven’t writen in a while. Lack of inspiration my people, it ain’t easy.

Anyway, I was just glancing through some of the stuff I have written on this blog over the last few days, weeks, months and I realised something…most of it is actually bullshit. Lol.

Like forreal, its been just a shitload of crap – well most of it anyway.

The truth is though at the times that I wrote them, I thought they were pretty good. The last one I wrote before this one was one that I thought was excellent but I know for sure that it isn’t as amazing as I though it was.

Do I feel bad? No. Well, initially I did but then I realised that the fact that my writing sucks at the moment isn’t so bad. I mean, compared to when I was fact compared to last year, my writing has greatly implroved. It is important to start at a low level so that you can see how high you can go.

I read an article today saying that it was okay for my writing to suck at this point. So, I took that in good faith and my goal is to improve properly on my writing and that will mean me striving to write everyday.

I will try my best to do that and it is not a sure thing that I will be writing posts to perfection everyday but it will ensure that I teach myself and learn from mistakes.

One thing about my writing is that it is always from the heart, This is my way of escape and everything I write has some sort of meaning to me. My blog is like a diary that is encrypted. Lol.

Look forward to more from me. I will continue on that challenge that I failed to complete months ago. Just as a way of getting back on track. Thanks for always reading.





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