Low-end writer

by dolly21


its been a while my blogger folks. I haven’t writen in a while. Lack of inspiration my people, it ain’t easy.

Anyway, I was just glancing through some of the stuff I have written on this blog over the last few days, weeks, months and I realised something…most of it is actually bullshit. Lol.

Like forreal, its been just a shitload of crap – well most of it anyway.

The truth is though at the times that I wrote them, I thought they were pretty good. The last one I wrote before this one was one that I thought was excellent but I know for sure that it isn’t as amazing as I though it was.

Do I feel bad? No. Well, initially I did but then I realised that the fact that my writing sucks at the moment isn’t so bad. I mean, compared to when I was 11..in fact compared to last year, my writing has greatly implroved. It is important to start at a low level so that you can see how high you can go.

I read an article today saying that it was okay for my writing to suck at this point. So, I took that in good faith and my goal is to improve properly on my writing and that will mean me striving to write everyday.

I will try my best to do that and it is not a sure thing that I will be writing posts to perfection everyday but it will ensure that I teach myself and learn from mistakes.

One thing about my writing is that it is always from the heart, This is my way of escape and everything I write has some sort of meaning to me. My blog is like a diary that is encrypted. Lol.

Look forward to more from me. I will continue on that challenge that I failed to complete months ago. Just as a way of getting back on track. Thanks for always reading.