Things I learned in 2013 (New Year’s Eve)

This year has been such a crazy one. I look back and I cannot believe how much has gone on this year like for real. I started this year and I was still in an A-level college and I am ending as a first year undergrad student. That,to me is crazy.

When I started this year, I was not sure of how things would go or how my life would turn out. At the start of it, I was so scared that I would not get into uni because a-levels was driving me crazy like for real. I could not think straight because I had lost all hope but hey, God showed me that He has plans for me and uni is in those plans and I would go to uni.

I also didn’t know that I would meet someone that I would love so much. I was hoping I would meet someone amazing but I wasn’t thinking it was going to happen soon and this year, let alone. I remember tweeting this months ago:

And guess what? I met someone amazing a few weeks after I tweeted that.

So, basically this year showed me both good times and bad times. I experienced some of the worst shit ever. I did not think that I was going to make it through some of the stuff that I went through. I am favoured to be here, to be alive and I mean I am so grateful to God and grateful to those that were by my side.

Anyway I just thought I’d list some of the stuff that I learnt this year. I mean, I am taking them into 2014. I am still learning them, you know so it’s not like I might not still forget them but I am just glad that I have seen them for myself and by His grace and mercy, I would always remember them and practice them. So here they are.

1. Some of the best things in life really happen when you are not paying attention. I had heard this somewhere but I didn’t think it could happen to me and meeting my teddy robskins is something I really didn’t expect to happen and at the moment, I don’t know how far it would go. I have mentioned this before anyway but it’s always important to me that I say it. However, I am hoping for the very best. Meeting him has been a gift that I do not handle lightly.

2. Trust but don’t trust It’s good to trust people. There are people that I have trusted for many years that have never disappointed me. However, there are some that have just made me wonder whether I need enemies with friends like them. So, truth is it’s nice to trust but watch who you trust. Hope for the best but expect the worst.

3. You know you are in love when you care more about the other person than you care about yourself I guess this goes without saying. People interpret love differently and this is the way I interpret mine. I truly believe that this is one way of knowing when you are in love with someone. You don’t think about yourself anymore. You think about the other person and what you can give and not what you can take.

4. Depending on others is nice but you must also learn to depend on yourself I learnt this one the hard way. In fact, this is one that I just learnt recently. When you over-depend on people, they could disappoint yourself. You should learn how to take care of yourself in every aspect of your being. I’m not saying don’t depend on others. No man is an island and needs others but you should also be prepared for disappointment.

5. Friends❤️ Unless you have true friends, like I do, you would not understand that friends are amazing. This year, my true friends were there for me when others turned their backs. They showed their love for me and I cannot even explain how grateful I am to them. You don’t need to have many friends, just have a few that you can trust.

6. Be still and know that He is God This is from Psalms 46:10 in the Bible. This is a verse that has always been in my heart and my mind. In fact, to be very honest with you all, I did not know the verse it came from, I just googled it. I have always known it but I wasn’t sure where it was from. This year, this verse came to life in my life. Even though, my religious and spiritual life is in a mess right now, I have to say that God still didn’t leave me. He was there through it all and He showed me that He is God. He blessed me beyond measure this year despite the fact that I have really offended Him this year. I just want to say that, people will come and go but God will always be there. Please never ever forget that. He is a friend, father, lover, master…He is everything.

These were my life lessons this year and I am taking it into 2014. I started this blog this year and it has been a place of letting it all out. For all those that have taken their time to read my blog this year, you have no idea how much you have blessed my life. I am forever grateful to everyone. This blog is everything to me and to know that people read, comment,’s just a blessing and it makes me happy. I have made friends from this blog that I know I would have for life. I am really and truly blessed. May God bless all of you and your families and 2014 will be a blessed year for all us in The Lord’s name.


Lol….That’s a Happy New Year from me to ya’ll. I love you all…😘

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