PMS(2), Family foes and Alone Time

It’s funny how I have found opening up to be very liberating for me. Writing about myself for others to see has created another avenue for me to release my frustration, anger, bitterness and whatever I am feeling inside.

Remember how I spoke about how frustrating my post-menstrual syndrome was. Well, I was hoping it will get better but it hasn’t. I still feel emotionally frustrated and the annoying part is no one can really understand how I feel right now. I am in such an emotional mess at the moment and I just feel like crying every now and then.

Now to add some sea salt on a fresh bruise, my family decides to piss me off. Raise your hand if you are not a fan of your family? *Raises hand for the whole world to see*. I am NOTT a fan of my family and I never really have but before you judge me I will explain. You see, my Aku sweets said something in her post a few days ago that described how I feel about family. She said that you don’t choose your family and so you have to learn to accept them and you always kind of have to love them. I agree with her. You are stuck with your family for life which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes family members take advantage of that stuff.

What annoys me about family is that they know how to judge you. They will judge you and judge you and not care much if your feelings are hurt because they know that at the end of the day, you are stick with them. Some family members will give you unsolicited advice and some will just straight-up annoy you. Don’t get me wrong; I love my family but most of the time, I cannot stand being around them for long stretches of time (and yes, a week is long). I just can’t because they will drive me crazy.

So after a moment of being around my family, I just want to rest my head and spend some time on my own and clear my head and recover from their stress and wahala. So, I decided that I would love to go back to school two days before they return back to Nigeria and they agreed. I was looking forward to that day as at this morning but alas, my dreams had to be shattered by none others but the family. They (well, not they but I don’t want to mention decided that I should just stay for the remaining two days and not because they want me around but for another reason that I won’t dive into.

I won’t lie to you but as I was sitting at the back of that car when I was told, tears began to fall from my eyes. That was PMS combined with frustration. I was not happy about that and till I got home, I was just so upset. My alone time was just taken away from me and that really pissed me off.

I love my family but don’t take my alone time away from me. I could beat you up for that. (Well, I couldn’t). Don’t do that. Please. I was so pissed that I went online and bought myself a pair of glasses just to make myself feel better. Take a look:


It’s cute isn’t it? Just 10 pounds from asos. Why am I buying sunglasses in winter time? God knows. A girl that is going through PMS and just got pissed off by certain members of her family isn’t exactly thinking straight.

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