The Universe Speaking

Lately, I have been going through some shit and when I mean shit I mean like the deepest deepest form of pain and betrayal but you know I’m still alive.

I have gone through so many emotions in my life – pain, anger, happiness, rage, betrayal – You name it, I’ve been through it. The one that I never thought I would experience though is the feeling where you don’t feel. Too much? Let me break it down

I haven’t been feeling anything lately. My feelings at the moment are dead. I try to respond to stuff in a certain way but I find out that I can’t respond to them in the way that I want to respond to them. Okay that was a mouthful but you know what I mean.

Anyway, sometime ago, I was going through my IG and I saw this picture that was posted by this amazing guy I follow called thealphatalk. I’ll share the picture with you guys.


Looking at it…you might not understand it and that’s why I’m going to share what he said underneath. He said:
What most of us don’t know or understand (or some just don’t care about) is that we are all “human radio towers”. We transmit “signals” through our thoughts and feelings. Have you ever been thinking about someone and the person either contacts you at the same EXACT time or they tell you that they were just thinking about you?
Coincidence DOES NOT exist. It only exists for people who don’t understand GOD and how the Universe works. Another example, have you ever been feeling bad about something or someone and you either read something or hear something that relates to your current situation? Nope, that was MEANT FOR YOU to notice. Once you understand that the Universe works in conjunction with your own thoughts and feelings, you’ll notice IMMEDIATE changes in your life. If you think that there is something wrong , you’re already giving negative feelings (sending negative vibrations) instead of reaearching. – P.S. If you’re reading this, this was meant for YOU

So, when I read this like about a month ago, lots of things began to make sense to me and I started to understand so many things that I never understood before.

I believe that God made the universe available to us as a means of communicating with us.

That being said, last night while I was looking for something to eat in the kitchen, I decided to listen to music.

And you know how I said, my feelings have been sort of dead lately? Well, I believe the universe was just trying to provide me with the ability to get a little sense of how I was feeling since I couldn’t sense then anymore.

Every single song I listened to was just interpreting a little part of how I felt and I just thought that it was amazing.

Also, earlier today I was taking a nap and I was dreaming about someone and the person I was dreaming about called me like in the middle of the dream and it was pretty amazing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes the universe tries to communicate with us by sending us signals and trying to be one with us. We need to understand that nothing ever really happens by chance. Things happen cause they are meant to happen and we just got to accept it.

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