A New Day

I hear the bell toll

Cling-Clang, Cling-Clang

Signifying the dawn of a new day

A new life, a clean slate

Another 24 hours

A time to begin again and try and 

Forget about our yesterdays

If it only it were that simple

To wake up and not deal with the issues of yesterday

But the reality is that we still have to continue on with the leftovers of our yesterday.

The pain continues

But it becomes easier to live with

With each passing day

The toll of the bell makes me happy

Reminds me that at some point,

The pain will become nothing but a blur

And living with it will be much more easier

And love grows or lessens with each passing day

Strength grows or lessens too

Depends on who bears the armour

I hear the sounds of birds chirping

It’s the sound of a new day

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