Look Around The Corner

I love watching TV shows A LOT. I don’t really have so much of a life so my TV shows keep me company. Recently, I have been extremely bored and lonely so I decided to start watching some new shows since my own shows are taking their hiatus. 

So, I started watching How I Met Your Mother. Actually, this show isn’t exactly new to me. Its one of those shows that I don’t follow but anytime it pops up on TV, I’m more than happy to watch it. So, I heard the show was coming to an end and like most people, I was very curious to know who The Mother was and I’m not even really a fan of the show.

So I was talking to my friend some days ago that is a fan of the show and I asked her who the mother was. So, she basically gave me a plot of the final season and I was really excited and decided to watch it – Just Season 9 though. So, I started about two days ago and got hooked.

I have to say that it made me very very emotional. I cried a couple of times and today was the absolute worst cause I just finished it. (Pause: Okay, ‘Always be my baby’ my Mariah Carey just came on and this is probably one of my best songs on earth. So, if the rest of this post sounds really mushy, I am so sorry).

Ted (the main character of the show) who is very much like me has been looking for love. Actually, he had found it but unfortunately, the love of his life was going to marry his best friend. However, he met this amazing woman. Now, he had almost ran into this woman on numerous occasions. It was always a close call but they never met.

I mean, he had been to her house when he was dating her room mate but he couldn’t meet her because his date threw him out and as he was leaving, she was entering the bathroom so he didn’t meet her. There were several more occasions when he came close that I wouldn’t go into right now until the day he stepped up to her on that train platform.

These two people had been through so much. She hadn’t dated in years because the love of her life died and even when she decided to date, she didn’t fall in love with him until she met Ted. Its just so cute that there were two people who were so alike in the world but just never met until God and the universe decided that it was finally time.

It just made me feel so much better about life and love. The person you could spend the rest of your life could have been right beside you all along but you both just haven’t met. God is such a genius. He just designs everything perfectly and this show showed me just that.

Whenever you feel like everything is all messed up, just look around the corner and your blessings could just be right there.

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